Big Brother 16 Week 7: Christine HOH; Zach Won POV; Donny, Nicole on Block; Frankie Tells Ariana Truth; Nicole Evicted
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Big Brother 16 Week 7: Christine HOH; Zach Won POV; Donny, Nicole on Block; Frankie Tells Ariana Truth; Nicole Evicted

It’s Week 7 on Big Brother 16, and the jury has begun! But the Battle of the Block competition is apparently sticking around for a while, with the exception of that double eviction blitz. Will the Houseguests start taking on bigger targets or continue to go after underdogs with no actual power? (See below for updates)

You know what? Maybe we will see some big threats finally fall. We figured The Detonators/Bomb Squad would keep picking off the rest of the out-crowd — including Donny “POV King” Thompson, Nicole “RIP Haycole” Franzel, and Victoria "Who?" Rafaeli, who is just Derrick Levasseur's pet. But not this week. This week is giving us some exciting house-flippin' twists already. (Team Donny & Nicole ftw!) (Update: Spoke way too soon on that — or maybe we jinxed them. See below. Sorry N & D!)

Jocasta Odom was voted out on the Thursday, August 7 live show, then there was all the fast-forward action in the double eviction — with Beast Mode D-Bag Caleb Reynolds as Head of Household, Donny and Hayden and the nominees, Donny as POV king once again (woo hoo!), outgoing HOH Nicole as the replacement nominee; and Hayden as the seventh HG to be evicted. The Haycole showmance has now expired. Smart of the guys to finally get rid of a fellow physical threat, though. And GOOD for Nicole for fighting back right after Hayden left. Open that mouth and keep it open!

Big Brother 16 Week 7: Christine HOH; Zach Won POV; Donny, Nicole on Block; Frankie Tells Ariana Truth; Nicole Evicted
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Those double evictions are fun, even when traumatic, but now we’re back to the usual schedule.

The Week 7 HOH competition didn't even start by the end of the August 7 live show, but check out the live feeds updates below, and keep coming back later in the week for more:

UPDATE 1: SO MUCH happened late Thursday night/Friday morning. Christine and Nicole won HOH! At least Cody recognized, afterward, that Nicole is the real beast. Hayden may be physically stronger, but these comps aren't usually about brute strength. They may have kept the stronger player. Frankie immediately got to Nicole and sold out his group (what a shock, he does this every week) saying he'd prove his loyalty by voting out Derrick, Caleb, Cody or Zach, since they are strong together. Nicole knows she was too naive, though, so she's not going to trust him. Late Thursday night, Nicole and Christine discussed nomination options, although Nicole no longer trusts Christine. Zach and Nicole seem to actually get along now, since Zach finally believes that his group had turned against him and were ready to vote him out. They were lying to him up until the last hours. Zach even pushed to Nicole for Frankie to go, which is a change in the usual Zankie story of Frankie talking against Zach. Zach even said "Frankie is dead to me," but - we've heard it before and they get back together. Total soap opera. Cody agrees with Zach that Frankie and Christine are the worst. But the Team America mission is to get a houseguest to voluntarily go up as a pawn and evict them. Sounds like a job for Caleb! But Zach told Derrick, Caleb and Cody that he's going to ask Nicole to sit next to Frankie, then he'll throw the Battle of the Block. Uh oh, Zach. Zach also told Nicole the truth about The Detonators and Derrick - like the dad of the house - said before Zach does stuff like that he has to talk to them first. Zach continued to talk trash about Frankie but Nicole told Derrick she's not sure she can trust Zach. Derrick said Zach is the biggest snake in the house. Nicole wasn't happy that Zach ran his mouth about what they talked about, but that's Zach. Nicole still wants Frankie out, but she seems willing to backdoor Christine. Caleb is now mad at Frankie too, since all of Frankie's lies are coming out. Caleb might be the one to throw the competition, not Zach, so Nicole's noms may be Frankie and Caleb, with Caleb throwing the BOB comp and Christine backdoored if Frankie wins POV. Slay, Queen Nicole! Christine is apparently putting up Victoria and Donny. Come back later for an update on the official nominations, and the BOB comp results. Who do you want to go home this week?

UPDATE 2: Slight change of plans on Christine's side. She was going to put up Victoria, but on Monday during the official nomination ceremony, she nominated Donny and Zach for eviction. Nicole stuck to her plan to nominate Caleb and Frankie, and Caleb has vowed to throw the BOB comp so that he stays on the block with Frankie, who is the No. 1 target. So, for the first time this season, it's all guys on the block. But Christine could potentially be backdoored if Nicole stays HOH and Frankie wins his way off the block with the POV. Stay tuned for Battle of the Block results.

UPDATE 3: Major change of plans again. By the time the feeds came back on, there was already a fight in the house, so who knows how much was set up behind the scenes. Frankie and Caleb won the Battle of the Block, despite Caleb (and Nicole's) big plan. So Christine is HOH and Donny and Zach are on the block. Uh. Oh. Also, Frankie revealed that he is Ariana Grande's brother. Why anyone believed him after the Zach is Amanda's cousin thing is a mystery. Derrick knows the move was pure strategy - there's nothing like using your sister for popularity points! Nicole cried again, and even said she'd never have put Frankie up if she knew who he was. But she DID know who he was - a lying snake, and a dang smart player. Who cares who his sister is? She's not even a past BB houseguest to give him tips. She's a singer. But now the Arianators have even more control over this game. Barf. More importantly, this puts Donny in danger. Can the POV king pull out another win? Stay tuned...

Big Brother 16 Week 7: Christine HOH; Zach Won POV; Donny, Nicole on Block; Frankie Tells Ariana Truth; Nicole Evicted
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UPDATE 4: Zach finally saved himself, instead of having others save him! Zach won the OTEV Power of Veto comp, so he is safe. Donny is in big trouble. He's trying to save himself, though, so don't let the hope die. Zankie seemed to reunite again, and Frankie whined about how he was tortured by Zach, and no one should have to feel so isolated. (You mean like how you isolated Amber and Devin and everyone you dumped out of the house one by one? And how you all made Nicole feel? Self-absorbed, much?) But Zach was Zach again, and told Victoria about the Detonators — his alliance with Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Christine. Victoria interpreted that as Derrick cheating on her. For some reason, she didn't think Derrick had another alliance beyond her. He's either that good or she's that blind. Derrick was pushing to keep Victoria away from the block this week, since she's obviously his real Final 2 plan, but now she's disgusted with him. But he'll probably be able to reel her back in. Where else does she have to go? More importantly, what's going to happen to Donny? Frankie was the one pushing hard for his Team America mate to go, but now that Derrick and Frankie have also dismissed a TA mission, why are they going after him? Donny didn't want to do the mission when it would hurt his game (and character) last week, and Frankie and Derrick didn't want to ruin their own games with the TA mission this week. Can't blame them — the TA options are stupid — but they're hypocrites if they continue to blame Donny for that. Poor Donny. Now we have to find out who Christine plans to nominate as the replacement. Probably Victoria but there's an outside chance that it will be someone else. Her old friend Nicole? Cody? Derrick, who should get a spot on the block and a kick out the door? Derrick is in charge of the game and no one ever puts him up. Perfect backdoor opportunity. Stay tuned for the official final noms.

UPDATE 5: Good news and bad news: The good news is, Donny will probably be safe! The bad news is, Nicole will probably be evicted. The guys - take note, the male HGs - are sticking together and they pressured Christine to put up Nicole. Nicole did feel betrayed by Christine and wanted to keep her as a backdoor option at one point, but only if Frankie won POV. And she probably wouldn't even have stuck with that plan. Nicole is also someone who wins comps and has no one else but Christine in the game, so she would be a good ally for Chris to keep around. But Derrick and Cody get what they want, and by "they" we mean Derrick. So Christine is going to sell out her own game to last just a few more days, before the guys turn on her. It's sad. Christine was originally going to put up Victoria, but the guys (Derrick) convinced her otherwise. She's a little ... too close to Cody sometimes, but at least Derrick and Cody want to keep Victoria and Christine around, since those two girls obviously won't target those two guys. Perfect final two options for them. Poor Nicole, though. She was the only player in that house willing to put up majority alliance targets and go for big moves. Fans will probably just be happy that Donny is safe, but are they keeping him on the hope that the next Team America mission will be more to their liking? Stay tuned for Christine's official POV replacement nomination, which should be revealed later today (Monday, August 11).

UPDATE 6: It's official: Zach saved himself with the Power of Veto and HOH Christine nominated Nicole to replace him. Either Donny or Nicole will be evicted on the Thursday, August 14 live show. And here we thought this week would be a real house shake-up. It was, in a lot of ways, but not in terms of the final nominations or the eviction. One of the outsider/underdogs/un-cool-crowd/non-broskis is going to leave. Farewell, Nicole. Thank you for trying.

UPDATE 7: Yep, another unanimous eviction. Nicole was evicted in a 6-0 vote. At least she gets to hang out with Hayden in the jury house. Follow the new Week 8 drama here.

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