Big Brother 16 Week 8: Frankie HOH, Won POV; Zach, Cody on Block; Zach Evicted
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Big Brother 16 Week 8: Frankie HOH, Won POV; Zach, Cody on Block; Zach Evicted

Who will be the walking dead — aka the ninth Houseguest evicted — next Thursday, August 21 on Big Brother 16? (See below for updates)

BB16 is going to milk this two Heads of Household/Battle of the Block twist to the last drop. Week 8 is the last drop, thankfully, although it would’ve been nice to turn off the faucet in Week 7 and have Donny Thompson win this week's sole HOH. But that is a dream denied.

Last night (Wednesday, August 13), the Houseguests were melodramatically terrified by creepy faces reflected in mirrors across the house, and they were given a message about the zombie apocalypse. It was all prep for the August 14 HOH comp called "Dead of Household."

Caleb Reynolds was the first one out. Donny and Victoria Rafaeli were the next ones out. Zach Rance was the next out. It came down to Derrick Levasseur, Frankie Grande, Cody Calafiore and our endless vomit. Cody was knocked out and the two new HOHs were Derrick and Frankie. KILL US NOW.

That said, Frankie and Derrick are probably the two strongest players in the house. Frankie does very well in challenges (also, he must be a social marvel as well as a *social media mogul* since he can apparently backstab Zach a thousand times and Zach still hates him less than everyone else) and Derrick doesn’t even have to bother moving a muscle. The Copfather has people win comps for him. So what happens now, when he will have to get his hands dirty? We’ve seen how HOHs can be tested. Derrick was HOH once before, but only during the easy Devin dump week, and Derrick successfully emerged with no blood on his hands. He is now aligned with everyone left in this house, including Donny and Victoria, who seem most likely to take the block. Will Zach go up too? If Frankie is dethroned, will they try to backdoor him, ala Nicole?

Big Brother 16 Week 8: Frankie HOH, Won POV; Zach, Cody on Block; Zach Evicted
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You have to expect that Donny will go up, even if he is part of their Team America alliance. If they don’t put him up, it will look more than suspicious.

Derrick is tight with Victoria but he could put her up and come up with some BS excuse to soothe her ego and she’d cry but get over it. What other choice does she have? Maybe Frankie could put the knife back in Zach’s back or have Derrick do that dirty work. Or maybe Caleb will go up, since his name was never added to The Detonators. He was only in The Bomb Squad. Or maybe they'll target the last two remaining girls in the house, which includes outgoing HOH Christine. She just did their dirty work, so they could pat her on the head and send her out the door. But she is pretty close to Derrick (or at least Cody) and Frankie, so we'll see...

Stay tuned and come back here for the nominations (they’ll be made official tomorrow, Friday, August 15), then the Battle of the Block results (later that night), the Power of Veto results (should be Saturday), and final nominations (Monday). Zingbot is coming this week! Also, next Thursday (August 21), someone will be evicted and one of the first four people sent to the jury will get a chance to return to the game. So that's Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole and Mystery HG. Start your prayer circles for Donny, 'cause that could be him. Ironically the only people who can save him are the three members of Team America: Derrick, Frankie, and Donny himself.


UPDATE 1: Frankie and Derrick did a lot of talking Thursday night, and by talking we mean scheming. They agreed that Donny has to go up, and no matter what they say to him, they hope he goes out this week. They agreed that Derrick should stay HOH because they think next week will be an endurance comp and Frankie is better at that, so Frankie should be free to win that HOH. Convenient for Derrick, if they stick to that plan. They told the other HGs that Derrick lost a rock-paper-scissors to be the sole HOH but it was just something they agreed on. Derrick told Donny that Victoria is obviously the most likely to go home this week, but they don't want to put her on the block and lose a replacement option. Sure, Derrick. The Detonators + Caleb had a meeting to decide who should sit next to Donny on the block and throw the Battle of the Block competition to keep Donny nominated. Because this group is just that fourth-grade about things, they agreed to draw Skittles to determine the nominees. Christine drew the dreaded purple Skittle (it's like the purple rock of Survivor!) so she was elected to sit next to Donny and throw the comp. The next Skittles drawn were red and green, meaning Cody and Caleb would be Frankie's nominees, presumed safe. Caleb was pissed to see Zach safe, considering how much Caleb has done for the alliance already. Derrick didn't even want to make Victoria a have-not, but Zach pushed him so D's argument to Vic was that her being a have-not was in exchange for keeping her safe. Donny is the No. 1 target, but the guys are not thrilled with Zach, so - once again - he could be a backdoor target if Donny ends up safe. Stay tuned for official nominations, but it's looking like Donny + Christine vs. Caleb + Cody.

Big Brother 16 Week 8: Frankie HOH, Won POV; Zach, Cody on Block; Zach Evicted
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

UPDATE 2: Yep, Derrick nominated Donny and Christine and Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody. Christine tried to throw the Battle of the Block, but people should stop bothering. Donny won, and he and Christine are safe. Caleb and Cody are now on the blocK - BWAHAHAHA - with Frankie as HOH. This actually takes some blood off of Derrick's hands, and he's not even really being mentioned as a possible replacement nominee. Right now they hope to put up either Zach or Victoria as the replacement nom/target. Derrick is pushing to save Victoria, aka his F2 pet, so it could be Zach who goes up, if it comes to that. Caleb is more likely to go home than Cody, should the noms stay the same, since Caleb was never even part of The Bomb Squad. Cody has more allies and, frankly, Caleb is a bigger challenge threat. Cody is just sort of there. (Why doesn't anyone call him out as a floater? Zingbot, please take a shot at Cody, for floating and flirting with married Christine. You know Chris is going to get zinged for that.) Caleb also seems to think Donny got an earpiece with instructions during the BOB challenge. Donny is a comp beast and doesn't need anyone's help, but production does seem to be stepping in a lot this season, so it wouldn't be too big a shock. Team Donny Forever, but Team Fairness, first and foremost. Anyway, the POV comp will be held on Saturday and we'll find out if it's Caleb vs. Cody (which would be bad for Caleb) or possibly Cody vs. Victoria/Zach.

UPDATE 3: Frankie won POV, during Saturday's competition. If these HGs are smart, and that's debatable, they'll target Frankie next week when he can't win HOH. He's the biggest challenge beast in the house, he's obviously fine with lies and deceit, and he's a smooth social gamer. Get rid of him when/if you can. But in the meantime, what does that mean for this week? Frankie is HOH and has the Power of Veto, so he controls what happens, even if both Cody and Caleb were meant to be safe. That didn't happen, so Frankie has a choice to make. Frankie is close to both Cody and Caleb, but closer to Caleb. Will he save Caleb and put up Victoria? That seems more likely than Frankie putting up his Zankie buddy Zach. Then again, Derrick would be pissed to lose Victoria, arguing that it's a "waste" of Frankie's HOH. But that was true of evicting Jocasta and they did it anyway. So we'll have to wait for updates from Monday's POV ceremony to be sure.

UPDATE 4: As of Sunday morning, the plan appears to be to backdoor Zach, but you know how things can change. HOH Frankie said he wants to be the one to do it, kind of making it sound like a mercy kill. Zach will be pissed to leave before Victoria, but Zach kind of put himself in this position. You can't be a rebel and a team player at the same time. He was in the majority alliance but kept flirting with anarchy, 'cause it's more entertaining. Zach is great TV but an unreliable ally - so The Bomb Squad is probably going to blow him up. Frankie plans to save Caleb from the block and only has three options for his replacement: Victoria, Zach, and Derrick. It seems obvious from home that he should get rid of his biggest threat in the game, Derrick, since D may actually be the only person in the house (besides Donny) who could win against Frankie. That would be a huge move - to put Derrick next to Cody and let the chips fall where they may. Frankie could keep Zach around as his BFF, he could try to win over Zach's new buddy Donny, keep Christine on their good side and take out Cody and Derrick one after the other. They can keep Victoria around as a Final 2 option or dump her whenever they want.

UPDATE 5: Frankie made it official on Monday: He saved Caleb with POV and put up Zach. On Wednesday night's show, Frankie used the Team America mission (hiding clothes) to paint Zach as The Saboteur, then used that as an excuse to put him up. But there was already a plan by then to put Zach up. Frankie just overdid it - like with the poem he read to Zach. Yeah, Zach does the same to others, but it's not exactly smart jury management at this point. Anyway, Derrick got what he wanted, as usual. So it's down to Cody vs. Zach to go to jury this Thursday, August 21. But one of them (it's going to be Zach who leaves) could return to the game that same night. If Zach doesn't come back, will it be Jocasta, Hayden or Nicole? What would you do if it's Jocasta? Laugh? Cry?

UPDATE 6: Zach was voted out in a unanimous eviction. At least he admitted, to Julie Chen, that he was to blame for being voted out, since he couldn't keep his mouth shut. Julie really talked up the Zankie showmance; Zach called Frankie the smartest, funniest person he's met. He called it a great friendship.

UPDATE 7: Nicole won her way back into the game! Follow the Week 9 action here. #TeamNonny

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