Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Is Contestant Frankie Grande?
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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Is Contestant Frankie Grande?

Big Brother’s motto might be “expect the unexpected,” but Big Brother 16 contestant Frankie Grande — yes, pop sensation Ariana Grande’s big brother — wants you to “shine bright like a Frankie.” If his catchphrase is any indication, this houseguest will be quite the character this summer as he competes for the big $500K prize.

The 31-year-old YouTube personality describes himself as “sparkly, charismatic, and unreserved,” according to his bio on He is native to Boca Raton, Florida but currently resides in New York City — that is, when he isn’t in the Big Brother house. Speaking about being secluded all summer, Frankie admits it’ll be quite the challenge to disconnect from the world. “I think I would love it for a week or even two, but eventually I would start to go into Twitter withdrawal.”

In his spare time, Frankie lists biking, swimming, and twerking as some of his favorite pastimes — you know, when coming up with the perfect Big Brother strategy isn’t driving him crazy. As for how he expects to play the game, Frankie says: “I am going to be the happy likable person that everyone wants to keep around in the beginning, but I will be good at competitions. I will use the HOHs that I win to make everyone want to be on my side.”

Frankie — who used to star on Broadway in Mamma Mia!, is a huge sensation on YouTube, with more than 180K subscribers. You can check out his page by clicking here. While already slightly famous (thanks to his little sis and his long résumé), Frankie welcomes any added attention he might get from being on Big Brother. “[I’d want to be doing] exactly what I am doing, but hopefully on an even bigger scale with worldwide reach, bigger shows, and bigger tours.”

We wish Frankie the best of luck on Big Brother 16!

Follow Frankie on Instagram here and check out his Twitter (currently being run by Ariana herself) here.

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