Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Is Hayden Voss?
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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Is Hayden Voss?

The first thing you need to know about Hayden Voss of Big Brother 16 is that he is not Hayden Moss, who won Big Brother 12. Both seem like laid-back bro types, but blond Hayden has yet to win this show. If he wins BB16, there should obviously be a Hayden vs. Hayden showdown next summer.

Hayden 2.0 is a 21-year-old pedicab driver originally from Marlborough, MA, but now living in Long Beach, CA. He looks like a surfer, but he is not a surfer. In his CBS bio he described himself as "Funny, outgoing and creative." His favorite activities are "anything outdoors" (except surfing, apparently) plus "skateboarding, drums, and making YouTube videos."

Like Fabio of Survivor before him, Hayden hopes to deceive people with his ditzy blond ways.

"Yes, my outer personality will be a perfect cover for the secret competitor that I truly am," he shared in his bio. "I am the funny guy, I'm young and immature which will play to my advantage; but I'm also a marathoner, a former college hockey player and a very smart and creative thinker. I will never throw a competition and I won’t lie about who I am or my life, but I'm willing to backstab people. I will seek an alliance very early on with the guys, and I am not considering a showmance. I know I can win this game with my charm and underlying physical and mental talent."

The other Hayden figured out the BB formula on his season, and this Hayden sees even more parallels. When asked for the past cast member he liked most, Hayden 2.0 answered, "Hayden because he resembles me in just about every way possible. He was the west coast, flippy-haired, chill, attractive dude with the same first name. Also, he played the game very smart and always managed to find the middle ground between not being a floater and not being a super competitive threat."

He also plans to be Frank-ish, since he’s also like Frank. And even though Christine Brecht is the one who said on the premiere that she loves to be naked, right after the live feeds went on, Hayden was the one seen walking around in the buff. So there’s that.

Are you Team Hayden this season? Is it just a lucky name?

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Source: CBS

06.27.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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