Big Brother 16: Zach Rance Voted Out — Ninth HG Evicted!
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Big Brother 16: Zach Rance Voted Out — Ninth HG Evicted!

UPDATE 7: He's out! As expected, Zach was evicted on August 21. It was unanimous, despite Donny saying he'd give Zach his vote. Maybe Zach wanted it to be unanimous? The public seems to ADORE Zach but the Houseguests have a very different take on him. Anyway, Zach did not win his way back into the game. Nicole did! Follow the Week 9 action here.

UPDATE 6: Week 8 could finally be the end for Zach Attack. His best friend in the house, Frankie Grande, is HOH and Frankie said he wants to be the one to send Zach out. It's almost like a mercy kill. Frankie made it official at the POV ceremony on Monday, August 18: He saved Caleb and replaced Beast Mode Ego with Zach. Zach took it pretty well, considering, but he hasn't exactly been on his best behavior this week. When not having nice chats with Donny he's been sparring with Victoria. Zach has been wearing Victoria's pink hat all summer but she wanted it back before he left. They got childish about it, which pretty much sums them both up. Christine and Victoria don't like Zach because Zach is often a jerk to girls - dissing Christine as a floater and dissing Victoria whenever he gets a chance. It's funny, since so many girls online seem to LOVE Zach. Does he qualify as a classic "misunderstood" "bad boy"? Maybe. Anyway, Zach is mostly to blame for his own demise, although Frankie's double-crossing is certainly worth remembering. Zach had the backing of the majority alliance but he seemed to want to play the rebel and you can't be a rebel and a team player at the same time. Follow the Week 8 action here to see if it's a unanimous eviction on Thursday, August 21. It probably won't be, since Donny is fighting to save Zach. He knows Derrick and Cody are tight. He spent part of Wednesday trying to convince Christine, but it's a tall order to ask her to evict Cody ... unless you go for the "your husband will appreciate it" angle. But even if Zach leaves, he could come right back through the door as the winning jury member. There are only four options - Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole and (most likely) Zach, so he has a good shot. Either way, Christine is nervous about a jury member returning, since that's her nightmare. Fingers crossed for Nicole, since Zach would probably just run back to Frankie.

UPDATE 5: Guess what? This Fruit Loop Dingus has at least 10 lives. Late Wednesday night, Caleb initiated a house flip to get The Detonators/Bomb Squad to keep Zach. Was it really Caleb's word that did the trick, or did production whisper the right things to the right people, since Zach is good TV and apparently a favorite of a lot of vocal viewers? Whatever went down, Zach is suddenly in a position to stay and Jocasta may be blindsided on tonight's (August 7) live show. Nicole/Hayden/Donny will be blindsided too, and they are the next targets. Congrats, Zankie fans - even though Frankie was not on board with the plan to save Zach until everyone else said yes and they convinced him. He'll probably take credit anyway.

UPDATE 4: Here we go again! It's now Week 6 and Zach is on the block, next to Jocasta, who just survived sitting on the block next to Amber. Will Zach be the first houseguest to go home in the Thursday, August 7 double eviction? It's looking likely. Nicole is HOH, and her original plan was to backdoor Frankie, but that did not pan out. Christine won POV and elected not to use it, so the noms are staying Zach vs. Jocasta. Zach did make Nicole cry when he called her a "Fruit Loop Dingus" last week, so this could be her chance for revenge. Follow the action here. It looks like even Frankie has turned against Zach, saying this is Zach's own doing with his crazy antics. However, at this point Zach does not seem to be aware that he is probably going home. Are you sad to hear it, or do you want Zach to go?

UPDATE 3: It's now Week 5 and Zach was just dethroned as HOH. Will HOH Frankie try to backdoor his BFF, as teased on the Sunday, July 27 show? Nah. It's not likely. Hayden won POV and the plan is still to backdoor Amber. If not Amber, it might be Caleb, but that's less likely. Zach is being protected, like the spoiled rich child of an aristocratic family. He's "eccentric," but probably won't be evicted. This week.

UPDATE 2: Zach is safe! Paola Shea was evicted in Week 2 in a 10-2 vote. The only two people who voted to evict Zach were Paola's friends Donny and Jocasta.

UPDATE 1: On July 8, Zach and Frankie hugged it out and Frankie said he was willing to keep Zach in the house. Frankie: "Zankie is back!" However, Frankie may be telling a different story to other HGs. Frankie is definitely playing every side of this house. On July 9, Zach looked more safe, with enough votes in the house to stick around. So Paola may be going home. Frankie told Devin about Caleb and Zach calling a truce, and Devin got mad, declaring that he was out of the Bomb Squad. He proceeded to tell anyone who didn't already know about the Bomb Squad about the Bomb Squad. Devin knows he's pretty much toast unless he wins the challenges ahead. Then again, this House changes its mind on a dime, so he could be fine for a while if new targets emerge.

Oh, Zankie/Zrankie! We thought you’d last longer than two weeks. It’s now Big Brother 16 Week 2 and Devin Shepherd is Head of Household, The Bomb Squad has been revealed to the entire house, and Zach Rance may be going home. He may not — he was just put up today (Monday, July 7) and there’s plenty of time before the live show (Thursday, July 10), so we’ll see.

Devin originally targeted Brittany Martinez, putting her up with Paola Shea, making a deal to have Paola throw the Battle of the Block, because he promised she’d be safe. Brittany was Devin’s target but — classic Devin — he pulled a 180. Much like last week when he was sure Donny Thompson was a huge threat then decided — no! — Donny must be saved at all costs, he decided to save Brittany. Yeah, a lot of his fellow Bomb Squad alliance members wanted to save her, but he also revealed he now has a crush on Brittany. (Devin and Caleb Reynolds are the two most emotionally unstable people in the house. Maybe the world.)

Here’s who Devin is not so sweet on: Zach. Didn’t really see this one coming, since Zach was firmly in The Bomb Squad, but neither guy really hid his distrust of the other too well. Devin said he didn’t trust Zach, and Zach freaked out — but also talked about being depressed and wanting to go home. It seemed like he was ready to leave. With Zach appearing to melt down, his “boyfriend” Frankie Grande went into self-preservation mode, distancing himself from Zach.

Big Brother 16: Zach Rance Voted Out — Ninth HG Evicted!
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

Devin won Power of Veto, and even though his original plan was to target Brittany, he considered saving Brittany and putting up Victoria Rafaeli (whom Zach can’t stand), but he ultimately used his POV to save Brittany and named Zach the replacement nominee. Zach retaliated. He exposed the Bomb Squad to the HGs who weren’t in on it (Hayden, Nicole, Jocasta, Donny, Victoria, Paola). He also called Frankie a flip-flopper. (Frankie is showing signs of being a bit Andy Herren-ish, but since Andy just won BB15 that's not a bad thing, game-wise.)

Frankie immediately started pushing for Zach to leave. (Showmance death! Sob!) There seems to be a lot of movement on that front, although Cody Calafiore and Hayden Voss said they’d like to save Zach. Then again, Devin pushed for Hayden to join the Bomb Squad, and Hayden eventually said yes. So Hayden is now in this giant, unstable alliance. But he wants Devin gone. Just about everyone wants Devin gone. If Devin ISN’T backdoored next week it will be shocking.

So at this point it’s either Zach or Paola following Joey Van Pelt out the door as the second HG evicted. Zach and Paola had a blow-out fight themselves — when Zach said she threw the Battle of the Block for Devin and Paola denied it.

Do you hope Zach sticks around, even if he and Frankie don’t seem to be Zrankie/Zankie anymore? It’s a little bit disappointing to see Frankie throw Zach under the bus, but Zach did the same when he called Frankie a flip-flopper and exposed the alliance.

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