Big Brother 16 Week 3: Derrick HOH; Donny Won POV; Devin Evicted Over Caleb
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Big Brother 16 Week 3: Derrick HOH; Donny Won POV; Devin Evicted Over Caleb

UPDATE 1: On Friday, July 11, Nicole nominated Amber and Donny, and Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta. Caleb volunteered as tribute, and the current plan seems to be for him to throw the Battle of the Block competition so he and Jocasta stay on the block. He just wants to save his "queen" Amber. Devin is the real target. They plan to backdoor him, so we'll see if that works. They'd better hope Devin doesn't win POV!

UPDATE 2: Later on Friday, Amber and Donny won the Battle of the Block, so — as expected — Caleb and Jocasta are nominated, and will stay up at least until one of them can come down and be replaced by Devin. Derrick is the official HOH, dethroning Nicole, who has to wear this adorable (but probably annoying to wear) frog suit until Thursday. Cody would like Caleb to go home instead of Devin, which actually makes sense, since almost everyone in the house is treating Devin like a pariah. He has no power at this point.

UPDATE 3: The Power of Veto competition was held on Saturday, July 12 and guess who won POV ... Donny! Yes! All hail, POV King Donny! He won it before and he won it again. The special angel has pulled through. He's already said he plans to take his friend Jocasta off the block. At one point, Derrick had said he wanted to take Caleb off the block and put Devin next to Jocasta. Derrick and Donny are in Team America together, but Donny has no loyalty to Caleb. If it's Devin vs. Caleb, and it's looking that way, who would you want to see leave? You could make eviction arguments for both alpha males. Funny how Derrick's HOH time may end with his two original Bomb Squad allies facing off.

UPDATE 4: On Monday, July 14, at the POV ceremony, Donny made a moving speech when he saved Jocasta. Derrick replaced Jocasta with Devin. So it's Caleb vs. Devin, with the expectation still being that Devin will leave on Thursday's live show. Jocasta was crying after Donny's speech. The cast knows Donny will almost surely win America's Favorite Houseguest! But who should be the third HG evicted: Devin or Caleb? Vote in our poll over here!

UPDATE 5: It wasn't even close. The Thursday, July 17 live show tried to make it seem like Caleb might go home, but it was actually unanimous to evict Devin. YAWN. Now what?

Will it take a miracle for Devin Shepherd to stay past Big Brother 16, Week 3?

As Week 2 Head of Household, he ruffled many feathers, making too many speeches (enough with the house meetings!), and going back on his word too many times (you promised to save Paola Shea and target Brittany Martinez, so you save Brittany and target Zach Rance?).

Devin has lost just a wee bit of credibility, and it would be a shock if he wasn't targeted/backdoored.

But we know we have to expect the unexpected (we also have to expect Devin to mention is daughter 100 times, #devinhasadaughter), and everything depends on the HOH(s), their nominees, The Battle of the Block results, who wins the Power of Veto and if/how they use it. Devin could fall under the radar if new targets emerge, or if he isn't backdoored and he wins his way out of any danger.

The Week 3 HOH competition (held live toward the end of the July 10 show) was called Underwater Polo. Nicole Franzel got the highest score possible, 29, becoming the first HOH. Derrick Levasseur dethroned Frankie Grande at the last second, making him the second HOH.

So what will they do from here? Who will they nominate? Devin? Save him to be backdoored? Will Nicole nominate Caleb Reynolds or Amber Borzotra? Derrick still seems to be in the Bomb Squad, so they may be safe with him. (Devin quit the Bomb Squad when he didn't get enough numbers to evict Zach.) Nicole is close with Hayden Voss and Christine Brecht, so they may be safe on her end. Maybe they’ll go for easy targets like Jocasta Odom or Victoria Rafaeli? Derrick is in the Team America alliance with Frankie and Donny Thompson, and he’s separately with Frankie in the Bomb Squad, so they may be safe with him.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Stay tuned for updates from the live feeds. What do you hope to happen? Who should be the final nominees? Who should go home? Do you think you’ll get any of what you want?

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07.10.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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