Big Brother 16 Week 9: Cody Won HOH, POV; Nicole, Donny on Block; Donny Evicted
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Big Brother 16 Week 9: Cody Won HOH, POV; Nicole, Donny on Block; Donny Evicted

The two HOH twist is dead on Big Brother 16. Long live one HOH! And long live The Slay Queen, Nicole Franzel, who has returned to lay down the law in the BB16 house. Start detonating those bombs, Dingus!

So who is 2014's first solo Head of Household (except for Caleb in double eviction week) and which Houseguest will be evicted on Week 9 — following Joey, Paola, Devin, Brittany, Amber, Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole and Zach? (See below for updates)

BB16 had a big night on Thursday, August 21. Zach Rance got booted out the front door (tossing Froot Loops along the way), courtesy of his Zankie BFF Frankie Grande, and the first four jury members competed to get back in the house. Nicole was the big winner, which is excellent news for anyone who wants to see The Powers That Be ripped apart, and that's just about everyone at this point. It wasn't the best comp, in terms of skill over luck, but at least the jury winner was someone who aims to shake up the house. (When Zach said, in his exit interview, that he might throw the next HOH, that was the final sign that he should not return.)

Big Brother 16 Week 9: Cody Won HOH, POV; Nicole, Donny on Block; Donny Evicted
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

Then Nicole joined the remaining Houseguests for the Week 9 Head of Household competition.

The HOH comp didn't even start by the end of the live show (or immediately afterward), so stay tuned for updates from the live feeds. Start your prayer circles for both Nicole and Donny Thompson. If one of them wins HOH, we will see a true house flip. (Pleeeeeeeaaassse!) However, if anyone else wins (even Victoria), D&N will probably be in trouble. And without the Battle of the Block, there’s now only one chance to save yourself: The Power of Veto.

Come back for updates on Friday. Then we'll talk nominations, POV results, final nominations and the big target. Hopes for the week? Are you joining us on Team Donny & Nicole, aka Team Nonny?

UPDATE 1: If you can believe it, Cody actually won something. Yep, Cody is HOH. And there's no Battle of the Block, so he'll stay HOH. Lawd. That's obviously bad news for Donny and Nicole. Cody has been bashing Donny with the group, so Donny is back to being the No. 1 target. Nicole talked to Cody early Friday morning to try and help herself and distance herself a bit from Donny's game. It's what she has to do at this point, sadly. She still loves Donny, though. The nominations will be made official later today (Friday), but it's probably Donny and Nicole, with the target Donny unless he wins POV. Then it would most likely be Nicole. Do you think there's any chance at all that Cody would make a big move, or would he interpret cutting Donny or Nicole as a big move? Derrick would convince him it's huge, even if cutting ties with Derrick would be the biggest move of Cody's game.

UPDATE 2: Cody made it official late Friday afternoon, nominating Donny and Nicole. The POV competition should be held tomorrow. If Donny does not win POV, he is almost certainly leaving. Come on, POV King!

Big Brother 16 Week 9: Cody Won HOH, POV; Nicole, Donny on Block; Donny Evicted
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

UPDATE 3: The POV comp will be held later today (Saturday), but Cody ran a potential plan by The Copfather: If Donny wins POV, can Cody put Frankie up as the replacement nom? Cody made it seem like he was asking for Derrick's permission, which is another sign that this is indeed Derrick's HOH. Remember when Cody was HOH once before and wanted to put Caleb up, but Frankie ran to Derrick and Derrick convinced Cody to stick to the plan to put Donny on the block? Cody does not play his own game. But if Donny does win POV - and we should all PRAY that he does - someone has to go on that block to replace him. If it's Frankie, Nicole would still probably be evicted (because Derrick has decided it should be so). Derrick told Cody that Caleb would come after Cody if he got Frankie out. That should've been Cody's cue to say "let him!" and redeem himself from his weak move to not put up Caleb last time. Heck, just put Caleb up now if you're so afraid of him. Donny and Nicole have no power; getting rid of one of them is certainly an "easy" move, but you have to be aware of where you are in the alliance and how much two new allies could help. Putting up Frankie and getting him OUT would be a big, smart move, considering how manipulative, backstabbing, smart and good at comps the *social media mogul* has become.

UPDATE 4: Strange day. Victoria passed out in the bathroom and Nicole had to call for help; Vic had to get an IV and everyone worried for her. She's OK, though. Donny told Frankie and Derrick the Team America mission is to make up your own mission and America has to vote on it to make sure it's acceptable. He's hoping the mission can save him. At least he's trying! The Power of Veto players will be Donny, Nicole, Christine, Derrick, Frankie, and Cody. Caleb will host the comp.

UPDATE 5: RIP, Donny? Cody won POV. Yes, the kid is on a tear this week. (Dang it, Cody — why can't you just go back to being the useless floater who flirted with the married woman? You had one job!) He will most likely keep his own nominations the same, leaving Donny as his target. The only things that MAY be able to save Donny are if 1) he really can convince Derrick and Frankie to come up with a Team America mission that saves him, or 2) Cody decides to make a huge surprise move at the POV ceremony. But is either scenario likely? At this point, it looks like Donny or Nicole will be evicted, but you never know. They say to expect the unexpected in this game, so we'll hope for a BB16 miracle. Save Donny and put up Frankie, Cody! Prove that you are capable of independent thoughts and actions, in addition to (somehow, suddenly) winning comps!

UPDATE 6: Oh well. During Monday's POV ceremony, Cody decided not to use the Power of Veto. So Donny or Nicole will be evicted on Thursday. The Detonators got their wish. And Frankie got to put together some kind of Broadway show as the TA mission, which is ridiculous. Anyway, it will most likely be Donny who leaves. But you know what? Now that Donny is in this position, he should blow up Team America's game. They clearly do not have his back anymore, and the other HGs would probably love to know that the three TA members have made, what, $15,000 or $20,000 each for doing things like putting Amber up as a "physical threat," getting Zach to stir up trouble, hiding their clothes and blaming Zach as the Saboteur, etc. It's probably too late for Donny to save himself, but he could help Nicole's game but turning the house against Frankie and Derrick.

UPDATE 7: Stop the presses! This may just be to fill time and build suspense during a less-than-suspenseful week, but Derrick and Frankie — the two people running the house — had a talk about whether they can and want to save Donny, their Team America cash cow. They decided it was down to convincing Caleb — and doable, as long as Cody was on board. But would Cody be on board? That would mean evicting Nicole, and Nicole had a good talk with Cody. Cody even said he'd rather see Christine go before Nicole. So stay tuned on how this develops. It could go nowhere, but ... what Derrick wants, Derrick gets, so if he's determined to keep Donny/TA $$, it may happen. Poor Nicole, though. Either way, this week's eviction sucks.

UPDATE 8: Never mind. Hope is a lost cause in this game. Frankie approached Cody with the idea to save Donny and Cody shot the idea down. When Cody talked to Derrick about it, Derrick acted like he had no idea why Frankie would push to keep Donny at this point. No one fact checks in this house. So it looks like Donny will indeed be evicted. The slight silver lining is that Nicole's star may be rising a bit, thanks to no one really trusting Christine and Frankie. Christine is still acting like Cody is her husband, bashing everyone else in the house even as Cody disses Chris behind her back. He seems willing to ditch her. But if Frankie and Christine go next, then Nicole has a chance to build allies and win more comps. If she can hold on, maybe she can even outlast Caleb. At this point, a final five of Nicole, Caleb, Derrick, Cody and Victoria may be possible, unless Frankie wins another HOH, Christine saves herself from the block, etc.

UPDATE 9: Aaaaand we're back on the #SaveDonny train! Earlier on Thursday, August 28, Frankie was leading the charge to save Donny, but don't get it twisted — he's not a big Donny fan, he's just a big Frankie fan. Whatever else Frankie is, he's a savvy gamer. He knows his chances are much better with Donny in the house than Nicole. Donny is on Team America, and if he lasts into Week 10, he'll credit Frankie and Derrick for saving him. He's not likely to turn on them. On the flip side, Nicole has made it clear that she's gunning hard for Frankie. It makes sense for Frankie to want Nicole to leave. At the same time, Cody is HOH and has made it very clear he wants Donny to leave. His reasoning, for once, is equally sound: Nicole will work with him, Donny has mentioned his name as a target. At this point, Nicole is targeting Frankie and Christine (and maybe Derrick), not Cody. It's in Cody's best interest to get rid of Donny. As of Thursday morning, Caleb was on board to save Donny (probably thanks to Frankie), but he later flipped after talking it through with Derrick and he could always flip again. However, Derrick keeps going back and forth too. Whatever Derrick decides may be the final vote. Cody is HOH and has no actual vote one way or the other, but he is Derrick's closest ally. They are The Hitmen. Derrick doesn't want to piss Cody off just to save Donny. But Derrick is also very worried about Nicole coming after him, since Nicole sees that he is running the house and she's (usually) good at competitions. Then again, even Victoria told Derrick that Nicole is aiming for Frankie and Christine, not Derrick. Props to Nicole for subtly using Victoria to run that message across the house. Probably a good plan. Derrick's main argument to evict Donny seems to be that it will keep The Detonators alliance together, whereas they would be split if they save Donny. That could end up being the chief reason why Donny leaves, if he is indeed evicted tonight. Then again, this could all just be BS to fill time and they were always going to evict Donny. At least there's some debate happening...

UPDATE 10: Yep, they evicted The Pop Tart POV King. Donny, you are already missed. A great light has gone out. Follow the new Week 10 action here. #SaveNicole

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