Big Brother 16: Devin Shepherd Goes Home — Third HG Evicted!
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Big Brother 16: Devin Shepherd Goes Home — Third HG Evicted!

UPDATE 4: At least Devin still has a daughter! (Did he mention that?) Despite the Thursday, July 17 live show trying its best to make it seem like Caleb might go home, Devin was evicted with ease. It was unanimous. Hopefully the HGs will be more bold from here on out.

UPDATE 3: He's up! As expected, Devin was put in position to be backdoored. Derrick is Week 3 HOH, and he originally put up Caleb (who volunteered) and Jocasta. Donny won POV and used it to save Jocasta. Derrick replaced Jocasta with Devin. So it's alpha male vs. alpha male — Devin or Caleb will be going home third, under the HOH of their fellow Bomb Squad OG, Derrick. Do you think Devin will be a unanimous eviction, or could the HGs save Devin for later and use this opportunity to evict Caleb? We're guessing either unanimous or close enough, but it would be nice if someone went rogue just to mess with the other HGs' minds. What would you do? Vote in our Caleb vs. Devin poll here!

UPDATE 2: Nicole and Derrick are the initial HOHs of Week 3. It's not looking good for Devin, but you never know what may happen. Follow the live feeds updates over here!

UPDATE 1: Devin is the official HOH of Week 2. Here are his nominees and his target. Groan. However, it is looking very bad for him next week, unless he can win his way off the block. Several Bomb Squad alliance members are ready to turn the tables and backdoor him — or maybe even openly target him — in Week 3. Oh, and #devinhasadaughter is this season's #STFUHelen. Tweet away!

Original story:

Joey Van Pelt, aka “Alex,” was the first Houseguest evicted from Big Brother 16, but who will be next?

We'll be updating with double HOH, Battle of the Block, POV and nomination news, but Devin Shepherd has been making a strong case for himself to leave, especially if you follow the live feeds. In fact, he even threatened to throw the HOH comp so he could go home. He seems to be having an existential crisis, only two weeks into the summer.

Sigh. There’s always at least one!

First Devin stirred up drama between creeper Caleb Reynolds and his crush, poor Amber Borzotra, by chiding Amber for ignoring her stalker, then telling Caleb that Amber had been talking crap about him behind his back.

Anyone who doesn’t talk crap about Caleb’s obsession with Amber is doing the world a disservice, but Amber and Caleb hugged it out (for now) and seem OK. Amber was not happy with Devin for that, though — especially since they are all in The Bomb Squad alliance, so how did it serve Devin or anyone to turn Amber and Caleb against each other?

Devin then ticked the whole cast off when he called a house meeting to admit his guilt for forcing Caleb to put Donny on the block in Week 1. Devin said he wanted to be a better example for his daughter, and he ended up in tears, but his meeting did not have the desired reaction. Instead of making people trust and respect him more, he put a target on his back. Some HGs interpreted his comment as bullying Caleb into putting Donny up, and throwing Caleb under the bus, since Caleb and Frankie Grande had made a show of saying their nominations were based on who dropped out first in the initial HOH challenges.

If Devin weren’t so much of a trainwreck, the HGs might aim for Caleb, who is a wee bit unhinged (see his junior high treatment of Amber). Zach Rance, who is very close to Frankie (Team Zankie?) also hates Victoria Rafaeli and would love to be rid of her.

But Zach, and Frankie are in The Bomb Squad with Caleb and Devin, and if they try to keep that together the guys may be safe. Still … it would be nice if someone turned the tables on Devin/Caleb, since they were recognized as running the house. But will the HGs ever target “Zankie” since they seem to be secretly running the house? They are much more low-key about their power.

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