Big Brother 16: Zach Rance — Love Him? Hate Him? Bit of Both?
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Big Brother 16: Zach Rance — Love Him? Hate Him? Bit of Both?

#FruitLoopDingus was trending Sunday night, thanks to Zach Rance’s Big Brother 16, Week 5 nomination speech against Nicole Franzel.

If anyone in that house is a Fruit Loop Dingus, it’s probably Zach. If he really was Amanda Zuckerman's cousin, or the Saboteur, his actions might make sense. Instead, every time he opens his mouth, even his own alliance-mates hold their breath. What is he going to say next, and who is it going to harm?

He’s crazy. He’s rude. He’s great TV. He’s mean. He’s hilarious. He’s childish. He’s bold. He rocks. He sucks. He’s a d-bag. He’s a lovable d-bag.

Which is it, for you? We’re still deciding — and we knew we’d be in this position when we first read Zach’s bio. Way back in June we wrote “It's hard to know whether to like or loathe this guy, but the answer will probably emerge with time.” It changes by the day! At the very least, he’s fascinating (but so is a car crash).

Zach’s “Zankie” relationship with Frankie Grande is adorable — and even though he claims to hate everyone, Zach seems to genuinely care for his “boyfriend.” Sure, he also sometimes puts his foot in his mouth to damage their games, but that’s just Zach. It was awesome when he dared to stand up to Devin Shepherd, and later suggested putting up Caleb Reynolds, since it showed that Zach was willing to think and speak for himself. That’s so rare in this game!

But Zach doesn’t always support the underdog — sometimes he just kicks people when they’re down, like joking about Nicole and Christine Brecht, and his treatment this week of Amber. (He doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with girls.) He’s also a shameless attention fiend who tries SO HARD to get a reaction it’s sometimes painful to watch. But no one said trolls were subtle. And you know he’s going to love hearing that something he said was trending, even if it made Nicole cry. Anything to put on a show — and stave off his own boredom/need to be constantly entertained. Other people’s feelings are a distant second, at best. (Not that Fruit Loop Dingus is that bad an insult; he just blindsided and embarrassed sensitive Nicole with the personal jab, made in front of the whole house and America.)

What do you think of the Zach Attack? Is he great to watch? A jerk? Should he be evicted next or do you hope he stays in the house for a long time?

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07.28.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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