Bachelor 17’s AshLee Frazier Rushed to the Hospital — What Happened?
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Bachelor 17’s AshLee Frazier Rushed to the Hospital — What Happened?

If you thought you had a case of the Mondays you should talk to Sean Lowe’s top three finisher AshLee Frazier — we imagine her work week is gonna kick off with about 8,000 milligrams of Aleve and some questionable headwear to cover the staples that are now protruding out of her noggin. What’d girlfriend do this weekend? Well, she took herself on down to the emergency room with a bad case of “my skull is split open, can ya fix it, Doc?”

Apparently, the Southern Belle got a little too extreme sporty out on the water Saturday because she tweeted mid-evening that “Wake boarding is great fun. Ending up in the ER getting staples in my head..not so much. #ouch.” Um, we’re not sure ouch adequately covers it, but yeah, ouch.

Not sure what wakeboarding is? It’s essentially water-skiing on a short, snowboard-type contraption as a high-powered boat drags you across the water at breakneck speeds. It looks super fun and in no way at all dangerous. Wink, nod, sarcasm.

We’re not sure the extent of the damage, but capital L was well enough to update her Twitter with info about her upcoming Bachelor in Paradise premiere party, so we’re assuming she’s A-OK. And hopefully she got a cute ER doctor’s digits out of the deal, which would totally make the ego bruising worth it. Feel better Ash!

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Source: AshLee on Twitter