Bachelor 17’s Tierra LiCausi Coming Back to Television?
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Bachelor 17’s Tierra LiCausi Coming Back to Television?

We know you’ve missed her. We know it’s true, and we did too. Without Season 17 entertainment dream Tierra LiCausi, sparkles lose their sheen and shine, eyebrows are just those things on your face that move when you want them to, and confrontations aren’t fraught with the impending fear of weave-snatching fury. She’s a unique one, that Tierra, and it sounds like she’s back.

That’s right, you read that correctly: Sean Lowe’s sixth favorite girlfriend from The Bachelor returned from her two month self-imposed Twitter hiatus to bring us something to look forward to. “Keep on the #LOOKOUT on the big screen soon never know where you can end up #tv #priceless #doinME,” the former reality star wrote, confusing us endlessly with her hashtags.

Um, we don’t know about you, but we’re pretty sure this is the best news of all time. We’re also pretty sure that by “big screen,” she means small screen aka TV (like, maybe she just has a really big television, in which case, we’ll be right over). So, what is she coming back for exactly? Raise your hand if you immediately yelled BACHELOR IN PARADISE! at your big screen computer/phone!

The new ABC show is filming in June and hitting the airwaves in August, so perhaps the network that once elicited an “I can’t control my eyebrow!” from this sparkle-rich Colorado girl has lured her back to the limelight. We certainly hope so, but we’ll keep an eye and ear out for anymore news about America’s Sweetheart.

What would you think about Tierra joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast this summer? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Source: Tierra LiCausi on Twitter

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