Teen Mom 2 Fans Help Javi Marroquin Win Miley Cyrus Tickets, Drama Ensues!
Credit: Javi Marroquin on Instagram    

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Teen Mom 2 Fans Help Javi Marroquin Win Miley Cyrus Tickets, Drama Ensues!

For reasons that we have yet to fully comprehend, Teen Mom 2's Javi Marroquin is obsessed with Miley Cyrus — which you probably figured out by the fact that a) he literally can't stop/won't stop talking about her, and b) he frequently sports a giant t-shirt with Miley's face on it. Basically, Kailyn Lowry's husband is a total Miley Stan, and it goes without saying that he's seeing her in concert during the Bangerz tour. In fact, Javi recently won tickets to meet Miley face-to-face, and it's all thanks to his fleet of TM2 fans!

Javi and Kailyn have been asking fans to vote for Javi so he has a chance to score tickets, and it looks like their hard work paid off. Javi took it to Twitter to announce the good news on March 17, writing "Ooooh I'm so hype! Thank you for everyone that voted. And stop hating for all those that are mad!"

Unfortunately, haters are going to hate no matter what Javi says, and some of his followers are peeved that he won these tickets due to his "fame" — something Kailyn thinks is completely absurd.

"Javi's not freaking famous. He was on 2 seasons of a reality show," Kailyn tweeted. "Don't be mad him. Be mad at the people who voted for him."

While Javi's semi-famous face definitely gave him an advantage (he was able to ask Kailyn's followers for votes), he won the competition fair and square! And for those of you wondering, this dude isn't even bringing Kailyn with him to meet Miley. "I'm not even going to the meet & greet with Javi!" Kailyn explained. "I told him to take his brother or our best friend."

See guys? Kailyn might have used her fame to help a homie out, but she isn't directly benefiting from the situation — though it wouldn't matter if she was.

Do you think it was fair for Javi to enlist Kailyn's followers to help him win VIP tickets to meet Miley? Sound off below!