2-Year-Old Escapes From Daycare and Walks Home
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2-Year-Old Escapes From Daycare and Walks Home

Talk about an above-average sense of direction! Louise Hilton, a plucky 2-year-old who lives in Cheshire, England, recently escaped her daycare and walked all the way back to her own home. Luckily, Louise only lives half a mile away from her nursery school, but that’s a huge distance for a toddler to cover on her own.

The BBC reports that Louise’s parents, Samantha and John Hilton, said that they heard a knock at the door in the early afternoon. To their great shock, it was Louise. Thank goodness her parents were home to meet her, or this story could have had a very unhappy ending.

John told the Mirror, "It is frightening to think what might of happened had the wrong person seen her ... there is a canal 50 yards from the house and she always tries to jump in and feed the ducks when we go past but she cannot swim." Among the other obstacles the girl faced on her walk home were two underground subways and a forested area with a paved walkway.

What was going on at Louise’s nursery school, Windmill Hill Nursery, that she could just wander off like that? The toddler’s mother Samantha said, "The security and staff at the nursery are a total shambles. [Louise] is quite bright and we think she’s spotted a door that was left open and she could get out." Samantha and John have filed a police report over the incident and found another daycare facility for Louise.

How terrifying! Nobody likes to think of small children roaming the streets unsupervised, but we have to admit, now that everything’s turned out ok, we kind of admire Louise’s spirit. Hopefully the little Houdini won’t be making any more attempts to bust out of toddler jail again. We bet her parents will be keeping an extra watchful eye on their little escape artist in the meantime.

Source: BBC, Mirror

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