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Dancing With The Stars

Sneak Peek: Sportscaster Erin Andrews Is “Normally a Cow”

Sportscaster Erin Andrews "took a while" to consult with her family and friends before accepting the invitation to be on Dancing with the Stars Season 10. And aren't we all lucky she accepted? And, as with all stars on DWTS, we have to revisit the "dance experience" conundrum. Although Erin has dance experience, she has no familiarity with ballroom dance. Her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy compared her to a NFL player getting thrown into a hockey rink. Nice analogy, Maks!

Though she may feel and seem out of place, Maks admits he's excited to "work with someone as young as Erin" (Maks, 30, is one year younger), and sings her praises in this exclusive interview with He informs us that Erin's strengths are "everything ...the work ethic, the workability." And her biggest weakness? Maks claims that "she's just asking of herself so much." The sweetest surprise the pro dancer revealed was that, because Erin wasn't around for the wardrobe consultation, Maks picked a few dresses for her to choose from! Awww.

And now onto Erin's ego: we found out she's one of those skinny girls who claims she's "normally a cow." (Insert violent eye roll here.) Maks reveals Erin has not been eating, to which Erin responds, "I wanna be perfect for Maks and I wanna be perfect for the routine. I forget to eat." Blah blah blah. First world problems, Erin. First world problems.

Our assessment so far? After watching Erin's and Nicole Scherzinger's rehearsal videos, we gotta say we're definitely going with Nicole as the stronger contender! We know it's only her first week, but Erin looks a little stiff and, well, like a newscaster covering a dance story. Sheesh! Loosen up, sister!

And can we just say, we were so not amused by Erin's impression of Maks.


03.19.2010 / 10:25 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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