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Dancing With The Stars

Dieting with the Stars: Inside Karina Smirnoff’s Meal Plan

Wanna get that rockin' DWTS bod? It could cost you that extra helping of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia! Just take a look at Karina Smirnoff's super healthy diet. According to Life & Style mag, Karina consumes on average around 1500 calories/day. The former DWTS dancer sticks to uber-responsible choices like egg white omelets, salad with light dressing, fruit, fish, and slices of turkey breast. Basically, everything you've ever seen on a 'healthy eating' pamphlet at the doctor's office. Gag. But just to keep things real, Karina admits to having a bit of a sweet tooth. Her motto? "Pretty much anything sweet is worth a bite in my book." Now there's a diet plan we can get on board with!

Apparently, Karina uses Hydroxycut for that extra boost of energy — but because she's their spokesperson, we think it's just a ploy to suck in buyers. To lose weight more reliably, you can compute an estimate of how many calories you need per day as a guide using online calculators such as Calorie Counter. Using a variety of factors including height, weight, age, and activity level, these tools give you an idea of how much you should actually be eating. Be prepared for a surprise! At 5'5", Karina weighs 110 pounds, which translates into a daily calorie allowance of about 1460 calories. Wow, it sucks being short and petite! On the bright side, this value was generated based on a 'light' activity level. On days when her workout load is heavier, Karina may have to increase calories to maintain her weight.

Source: Life & Style magazine, March 22, 2010