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Dancing With The Stars

Stuff You Need To Know: Aiden’s Fears, Tony’s Pride, and More

After their Week 3 storyline performances, the DWTS cast was ready to dish out some juicy behind-the-scenes details.

Aiden fears his own name: When the announcer calls "Aiden Turner and his partner Edyta Sliwinska" that's when he gets nervous.

Tony is proud of Kate: Tony said Kate had "no blanking" on the dance floor this week. "I am extremely proud of her," he said. Kate pleaded for the audience to vote for her. "I don't want this experience to be over before I have learned the lesson I set out to learn ... I want to master this." She hears through the grapevine that others moms are supporting her. Yeah, like Brooke Burke.

Chad gave Cheryl major bling: Chad gave Cheryl the huge sparkler on her left hand. "It's a thank you, gift," he said, downplaying its significance. He gave it to her in the trailer on one knee. And a jeweler measured her finger. And she wears it on her left ring finger. When asked if they would be walking down the aisle soon, he said their "aisle" is right there on the dance floor. Take that for what you will.

Nicole & Derek are repentant: Derek said they broke the Len Commandments but they will repent and come back with a strong rumba. They just wanted to do what the music called for this week.

Niecy felt vulnerable: She was thrown off by being so emotionally vulnerable and forgot her steps. One step, Louis clarified.

Charo is more than her maracas: When asked what she learned from Charo, Pam said, "That it's not all cuchi-cuchi coo. She's a hard worker, she's a great mom. That's, I think, why we relate. There's a lot that goes into everything that people do in this business. and sometimes the surface isn't what..."

Jake doesn't really hate Chelsie: Chelsie is good at spotting talent, Jake said, and that's why she's so tough on him. "It makes me feel good. It hurts my feelings, but it really makes me feel good that she sees so much potential in me that she'll spend an extra two hours with me in the studio because 'You're gonna get that step, you're so close...'" (Hmmm, does Vienna know about those extra two hours.)

Evan is worried about his toe: He'd love to be working on his feet since that's what he's consistently criticized for, but it's hard to work on it with broken toes. But he has a new prescription for a new painkiller and he's hoping that works. Ugh.

Erin wants to keep the blindfold: She was blanking out backstage before the dance and she realized it was because she could see. So she's trying to convince Maks to let her wear a blindfold next week, too. Bonus: They will be doing a tango!

04.7.2010 / 02:33 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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