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Dancing With The Stars

Plastic Surgery: Did She Or Didn’t She?

Three Dancing ladies. Three not-so fresh faces. Did they have some work done for the show or are they just enjoying the natural glows of good health, good lighting, spray tans, makeup and flattering camera angles?

We're on the case.


Much ado was made last month about Kate Gosselin's rumored "$35,000 makeover" in a recent story in Us Weekly.

Although Kate's rep denies she went through that much physical drama — “Of course it’s not true. Kate doesn’t have that kind of money to burn” — it wouldn't be the first time she had work done.

She got a free tummy tuck after having sextuplets as one of the TLC perks of filming Jon & Kate Plus 8.

This $35,000 business comes from an "insider," who told InTouch Weekly "Kate thinks Dancing with the Stars will put her on Hollywood's A-list. She feels the need to look her best, so she gave herself a major makeover."

The "insider" said Kate wants to look five years younger so she can stay in L.A. to pursue a film career and a hot new husband like Jake Gyllenhaal.

(After $35K? Aim higher than that! Go for 15 years younger and George Clooney.)

Not sure how reliable this "insider" is but they were probably paid a lot to talk this much trash.

Anyway, here's a breakdown of what Kate may or may not have done and how much it may or may not have cost. (All way outside her pre-fame nurse's salary.)

• New hair extensions: $5,800 — Really? Extensions cost this much? Dang.
• Botox: $1,000 — Botox injections between her eyebrows and around the eyes.
• Cheeks: $11,000 — Restylane and laser resurfacing make skin smoother and more even.
• Teeth: $12,000 — Porcelain veneers cost up to $1,300 per tooth. Tom Cruise got that done. Did Kate?
• Eyes: $5,500 — She may have had upper eyelid blepharoplasty to get rid of "hooding" and fullness, plus eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping.

Verdict: We can believe the Botox and the eye stuff. We know she has extensions, although that price seems high. Someone needs to learn to haggle! The cheek and teeth stuff seems so out there price-wise for something that could be done with typical whitening and makeup.


Even though she claims she gained weight on the show because "I eat so much, it's insane," her face looked more lean and taut after she started dancing.

Au naturale or a leeeeetle bit of help?

Verdict: We're going with natural on this one thing, and not because we still feel like she was robbed. She probably gained muscle and found a way to take a photo without showing off her chin wobble. And she has spoken out in the past about not wanting to have any plastic surgery.


It looks like Pam's losing wrinkles, but did she have new work done or is she just enjoying the spoils of good health and exercise?

Verdict: Yeah, why not. It's Pamela Anderson. She has a rep to protect.

Source: InTouch Weekly, April 5, 2010