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Recap for Glee Episode 1.10: “Ballad”

Will has the glee kids pair off to learn to express emotions through ballads. He's uncomfortable when Rachel draws his name and chooses the cheesy-romantic "Endless Love" as their duet. As she sings, Rachel starts to realize how "super, super cute" Mr. Schue is. Uh-oh. Will recognizes the "crazy" look on her face, as he's seen it on other female students in the past. (If we were Will, we'd think it's just about time for a restraining order!)

When Quinn's Chastity Ball dress is too tight, her mother Judy quickly blames it on her quitting Cheerios... the cheerleading group, not the cereal, people! Keep up! Although, as we all know, Cheerios can also be a part of a balanced breakfast, so maybe Quinn should give that a try, too.

Rachel gifts Will with a gold star-flecked tie to make him think of her. And what guy could possibly turn down a gold star tie as a gift? Will confides in Emma that this is similar to a crush held by his former student, Suzy Pepper. She too gave him a tie to remember her by. Yet when Will confronted Suzy, she forced down a hot pepper in despair that put her into a coma. How romantic! Will is now worried that Rachel will be too fragile to let down. Emma advises him to sing his feelings to her in a ballad. Singing may actually be the only way to effectively communicate with Rachel!

Wrapped up in with own problems, Finn can't perform with his partner Kurt, who harbors a secret crush on Finn. Kurt suggests he express his frustrations about the baby through song. (Does no one on this show just communicate through text message?) That night, Finn's mother catches him singing to a sonogram video. He breaks down and tells his mother the truth about Quinn's pregnancy. Good call, Finn — it can't be easy to come up with an excuse for why you're singing to a sonogram!

The next morning, when Quinn argues with Finn about Finn telling his mother, Kurt comes to Finn's aide. He thinks Finn's issues have to do with girls. "It's enough to want to give up women all together," Kurt subtly hints. Kurt's goal is to help Finn, so that he'll later end up crying on Kurt's "shoulder pads."

Emma accompanies Will to rehearsal with Rachel. He sings a mash-up about schoolgirl crushes on teachers (The Police's "Don't Stand So Close to Me" and Gary Puckett's "Young Girl"), but Rachel doesn't hear the obvious subtext. Clearly, Rachel is not one for subtlety. Watching Will's performance, it's clear Emma is just as smitten as Rachel. She's no help in his sending Rachel a clear message. Will is just too damn sexy!

Will returns home to find Rachel at his house. Terri is exploiting Rachel's crush to get the girl to do housework. If there is someone to exploit, Terri will find a way to do it! The next day, Suzy Pepper threatens Rachel to stay away from Will, and Rachel listens, as one crazy student listening to an even crazier student.

Puck confesses to his ballad partner, Mercedes, that he's really the father of Quinn's baby. She tells Puck to back off Quinn since Quinn chose Finn over him. Who knew that Mercedes could be the voice of reason?

At the Fabray house for dinner, Finn starts to panic. He retreats to the bathroom and calls Kurt for moral support. Finn psyches himself up and sings his ballad "(You're) Having My Baby" (by Paul Anka) to Quinn in front of her shocked parents. So much for subtlety! Quinn accuses her mother Judy of pretending she didn't know. Despite Quinn's pleas, her father Russell won't forgive her and throws her out of the house. Finn brings Quinn home, and his mother allows her to stay as long as she needs. At least someone has a reasonable parent on this show.

Suzy Pepper warns Rachel that she won't find her self-esteem in Will. Will confronts Rachel about her inappropriate actions. She agrees with him and apologizes in tears. Will assures her that someday she will find a boy who loves her. (But, let's face it, he just might not be as proficient a rapper as Will is.

The glee club surprises Finn and Quinn with a tear-jerking rendition of Bill Withers' "Lean on Me" as their group ballad dedicated to the couple. Who's got the Kleenex?


1. Lean on Me — Bill Withers (1972)/ Album: Still Bill
Artie Abrams and New Directions
2. Endless Love — Diana Ross and Lionel Richie (1981)/ Album: Endless Love: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Why Do Fools Fall in Love? (Dianna Ross album, featuring a solo version of the song)
Will Schuester and Rachel Berry
3. I'll Stand By You — The Pretenders (1994)/ Album: Last of the Independents
Finn Hudson
4. Young Girl/Don't Stand So Close to Me — Gary Puckett & The Union Gap (1968) and The Police (1980) from Zenyatta Mondatta
Will Schuester
5. Crush — Jennifer Paige (1998)/ Jennifer Paige
Rachel Berry
6. (You're) Having My Baby — Paul Anka (1974)
Finn Hudson

04.10.2010 / 01:59 AM EDT by Jo
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