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Recap for Glee Episode 1.12: “Mattress”

While discussing yearbook picture day at lunch, Will finds out that Emma and Ken's wedding is the same day as Sectionals. As he digests this information, Sue joins them and drops the bomb that the Glee Club will not have a picture in the school's yearbook, the Thunderclap, since the picture is always vandalized by other kids. And it's seriously called the Thunderclap? We should've known this show isn't above putting an STD joke into the yearbook title!

At glee club, Kurt proposes to the group that they would be better off not taking a yearbook photo anyway since it can only lead to pain, humiliation, and/or a horrible future. Mr. Schue, however, embroiled by Sue, assures the kids that they'll get their yearbook photo.

Will storms Figgins's office and demands that the glee club get a photo. Figgins says fine, but it will cost over $300 and only two of the kids can be in it. Terri forbids Will to pay for the yearbook ad, but he does anyway and tells the kids they must vote on which two will represent the club. That sounds more like a punishment than an honor!

The kids unanimously elect Rachel to be the sole captain for the picture, since they want no part of it. Will seeks advice from Emma on how to get the other kids in the picture, but she tells him to just let them handle it. Will tells her he thinks Ken scheduled their wedding the same day as Sectionals on purpose, and Emma says that Ken may have problems, but he's full of compassion and that's why she's marrying him. We knew that there had to be some reason why she was marrying him!

Will puts Rachel in charge of finding a co-captain for the picture, but no one will be in it with her. Finally Finn agrees — no wonder everybody loves this guy! — but when he's harassed by the football team, he flakes on Rachel and the photo. After posing without Finn, Rachel gets the glee club their big break as stars in a local TV commercial for a mattress store. Uh, that's their big break?! An ad for a local mattress store? Okaaay.

Will discovers Terri's fake pregnancy pad and confronts her. She says it started as a hysterical pregnancy, but she continued the lie to save their marriage because Will has changed ever since he started the glee club. He has, Terri — he's actually happy now! He storms out and spends the night in his office on one of the mattresses that the kids got as compensation for the commercial.

Sue sees the commercial on TV and convinces Figgins to disqualify the glee club for performing for payment, therefore negating their amateur status. Terri has a way of ruining everything!

Will takes the fall for the kids and is kicked off the team instead. Careful, Will — there's a thin line between "nice guy" and "pushover"! Quinn, angry at Sue for not letting her rejoin the Cheerios, blackmails Sue into giving the glee club one of the Cheerios' (many) pages in the Thunderclap. The kids take a group picture, smiling even though they know it will be vandalized because they're proud to be in glee. At least they can see the silver lining in there somewhere!


1. Jump — Van Halen (1984)/ Album: 1984
New Directions
2. Smile — Lily Allen (2007)/ Album: Alright, Still
Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson

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