Recap for Glee Episode 1.2: “Showmance”

Will pushes the glee club to perform in front of the school for the first time at an assembly. He wants them to sing a disco number, but they'd rather choose a song that will appeal to the rest of the students. Hmm, we can't even begin to guess why they wouldn't want to sing disco in front of an entire school of judgmental teens in 2009!

Rachel and Finn grow closer and they kiss. Finn pulls away because he has a girlfriend. Stupid Finn and his stupid ethics!

When Quinn realizes Rachel has feelings for her boyfriend, Finn, she agrees to be a part of the glee club in order to keep her man in check. That sounds like a healthy relationship, right? Sue enlists Quinn and two other Cheerios to join glee and spy on the enemy. We're beginning to get the feeling that this Sue character may not be the nicest person in the world. Maybe it's just us?

Terri tells Will she's pregnant and guilts him into buying a new house that they can't afford. To make ends meet and satisfy his wife, Will takes a second job — as the McKinley High School night janitor. Way to live the dream, Will! Emma — desperately wanting to spend more time with Will — helps him out. And what could be more romantic than two people doing janitorial work together?

Terri is disappointed when she learns from her doctor that she isn't carrying a child. It's actually a "hysterical" pregnancy, which she keeps as a secret from Will. He still believes Terri is pregnant! We're beginning to get the feeling that this Terri character may not be the nicest person in the world, either! (Or sane for that matter...)


1. Gold Digger — Kanye West (2005)/ Album: Late Registration
New Directions
2. Take a Bow — Rihanna (2008)/ Album: Good Girl Gone Bad
Rachel Berry
3. Push It — Salt 'N' Pepa (1987)/ Album: Hot, Cool & Vicious
New Directions
4. Le Freak — Chic (1978)/ Album: C'est Chic
New Directions
5. I Say a Little Prayer — Dionne Warwick (1967)/ Album: The Windows of the World
Quinn Fabray, Brittany, and Santana Lopez

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