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Recap for Glee Episode 1.4: “Preggers”

Terri admits to her sister that she is hiding her fake pregnancy from Will because she's afraid he will leave her. Can someone say "bat crap crazy?"

While rehearsing a lip synch and dance with Tina and Brittany to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies," Kurt is startled when his macho father Burt catches him. He lies and says he's wearing a unitard because he's practicing for his job as place kicker on the football team. Kurt enlists Finn for help, and Kurt "auditions" for the team. Unfortunately, he can only do it in the middle of his choreography to "Single Ladies"... which is perfectly normal, right? Coach Tanaka doesn't care because Kurt is a place-kicking prodigy, all because of "Single Ladies." Is there anything Beyoncé can't do?

Rachel is upset that Will gave a solo to Tina instead of her. This provides an opening for Sue, who blackmails Principal Figgins to rehire Sandy Ryerson. She makes it Sandy's first order of business to cast Rachel in the new musical so that she will quit glee club. Rachel plans to balance both. Right — as if Rachel does anything in moderation!

Quinn reveals to Finn that she is pregnant, even though they never had sex. She convinces him that his sperm swam in a hot tub while they were wearing swimsuits. (Yeah, that makes sense!) Finn confides in Will about his dilemma.

After Will tells Terri about the teen's pregnancy, Terri approaches Quinn. She claims to want to help the girl, but what are Terri's ulterior motives?

Since Quinn wants to keep the baby, Finn definitely needs a football scholarship to keep his future bright. He has Will teach the football players how to dance to improve their coordination. After Puck learns Quinn is pregnant, he confronts her. Puck knows it's his baby. Awkward!

The team's new dancing skills and Kurt's kicking help McKinley win the football game. Burt is proud of his son. Awww!

Finn offers his support to Quinn. He wants to be a good father to their child. Seeing the two lovebirds together makes Puck jealous, and we all know how adept Puck is at handling his emotions.

Kurt comes out about being gay to his father. "I've known since you were three," Burt confesses calmly. And, come on... did Kurt really expect his dad to have to pick his jaw up off the floor? He tells Kurt he loves him.

Puck and two other football players join the glee club. After Will refuses to give Rachel the solo he promised to Tina, Rachel quits glee and turns to Sandy's musical exclusively. So much for balancing both endeavors!


1. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) — Beyoncé Knowles (2008)/ Album: I Am...Sasha Fierce
Kurt Hummel, Brittany, and Tina Cohen-Chang
2. Taking Chances — Platinum Weird (2007)/ Céline Dion covered the song on her 2007 album Taking Chances.
Rachel Berry
3. Tonight — from West Side Story (opened on Broadway in 1957)
Tina Cohen-Chang

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