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Recap for Glee Episode 1.7: “Throwdown”

While Will and Sue don't agree on the direction of glee club, they both put on a happy face for Principal Figgins. Sue learns from her Cheerio spies that the minority students in glee don't feel like they are being heard. This might be a way for her to divide and conquer. That's our Sue!

Will goes along with Finn to Quinn's first ultrasound appointment. Dun-dun-dun! She's having a girl.

For Sectionals, Sue divides up the glee club so she and Will each get to direct a number. Surprisingly, Sue takes Mercedes, Kurt, Artie, Tina, and the other minority students. "Bigotry is no laughing matter," she chides Will.

At home, Will is upset with Terri because she gives him no say in the planning for their baby son. Terri is stunned when Will demands that he accompany her to the next doctor's appointment. So much for her plan going off without a hitch.

When Jacob Ben Israel threatens to blog about Quinn being pregnant, Rachel offers up her panties as a bribe. How very Sixteen Candles. Finn is appreciative when she stops the rumor.

Sue appeals to her group with the chance to do the hit R&B song by Jill Scott, "Hate on Me." Will suspects something is up when Sue burns his sheet music. Sue admits that her ultimate goal is to get Will (and his "perm") fired. How sweet! Will stoops to her level, flunking most of the Cheerios so that they aren't eligible for cheerleading squad. Sue's even more furious when Figgins defends Will.

Quinn and Finn argue over what's going on with her pregnancy. Finn wonders why she's not more like Rachel. Quinn threatens him not to cheat on her with Rachel. Seriously, this is one unhealthy relationship!

Will has Rachel and Finn perform solos for his group's number, which annoys Quinn. With guidance from Sue, Quinn drops hints to the others that Will is discriminating. Puck and Brittany come to Sue, who offers to protect them against Will's racism. That's so generous of her!

With half his squad defected, Will confronts Sue. She offers to give him back his singers if he passes her Cheerios. Will refuses.

Will books an appointment with Terri's obstetrician, Dr. Wu. To prevent Will from finding out her secret, Terri and her super-crazy sister Kendra blackmail the doctor by threatening to sue him for Kendra's three children being born red-headed and dumb. Uh, we're pretty sure that wasn't the doctor's fault!

Quinn "asks" Rachel to back off of Finn. Yet Rachel knows that Quinn is serving as Sue's mole in glee. Rachel advises Quinn, "If I were you, I'd recognize who my true friends are." Rachel knows Quinn needs glee club more than she'd care to admit.

All that's left in Will's squad is Rachel, Finn, and Quinn. Sue stops their performance short and Will yells at her. In the argument, Sue ridicules glee club. The students all walk out in protest of them both. We wish we had known that you're allowed to walk out of school in "protest."

Dr. Wu blocks Will from observing his examination of Terri. He is only pretending to give her an ultrasound. Dr. Wu lies that they are actually having a girl. Will sobs with joy at the sight of his "baby" on the sonogram. Poor, naive Will!

Sue decides to step down as co-head of glee. As they tell the whole group, Sue announces that she knows Quinn is pregnant and that the shocking news will be on the blogosphere so that everyone else will know, too. (What a great coach!) When Rachel confronts Jacob Ben Israel, he admits that Sue made him do it when she found Rachel's panties in his locker. Sue was upset Quinn didn't turn to her first, so Sue responded the only way she knows how... with fire!

The glee club performs Avril Lavigne's "Keep Holding On" together as a united front with Quinn. Another weepy Glee moment for us!


1. Hate on Me — Jill Scott (2007)/ Album: The Real Thing: Words and Sounds, Vol. 3
Mercedes Jones and "Sue's kids" from New Directions
2. No Air — Jordin Sparks (2008)/ Album: Jordin Sparks
Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, and the "Will's kids" from New Directions
3. You Keep Me Hangin' On — Dianna Ross and The Supremes (1966)/ Album: The Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland
Quinn Fabray
4. Keep Holding On — Avril Lavigne (2006)/ Album: The Best Damn Thing/ Lavigne originally recorded the song for the movie Eragon (2006).
New Directions

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