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Recap for Glee Episode 1.8: “Mash-Up”

The Slushie War has commenced at McKinley High, but for the first time, Finn and Quinn are on the receiving end. Now that they are in glee club and their pregnancy secret is out, their status has seriously plummeted.

Emma and Ken ask Will to give them dance lessons to a mash-up of their two wildly different song choices for the first dance at their wedding: Sisqo's "Thong Song" and My Fair Lady's "I Could Have Danced All Night." In Emma's private lesson, she falls on top of Will after he trips on her long train. Sounds like Emma's pulling one of the oldest trick in the book!

The football team refuses to follow Finn's lead on the field. Coach Ken is mad that Puck is skipping practice to work on something with glee club, so he schedules more football practice so that it coincides with glee. (Looks like Sue isn't the only scheming staff member at McKinley!)

Meanwhile, Puck works with Rachel on a song in her bedroom, but he cuts it short to make out with her. Say what?! He goes after Rachel simply because his mother asked him to date a Jewish girl. Yet, while kissing him, Rachel imagines that Puck is Finn. She makes up an excuse that she wouldn't date anyone who wasn't able to sing lead. (Boy, does homegirl have a weird way of choosing men!)

The next day at rehearsal, Puck performs a solo and Finn notices he is singing to Rachel — yet he doesn't see that Quinn is clearly smitten with Puck?!

Throwing slushies on Finn and Quinn, the football team threatens him to quit glee for football. (What's with this school? Does no one ever get thirsty and just decide to drink their slushie instead?)

After one date with sleazy local anchorman Rod, Sue is in love. Who knew she was capable of anything other than malice? When Rod tells her that he likes to swing, Sue asks Will for a swing dance lesson. The rift between her and Will seems to have faded. But how many minutes can that last for?

Ken admits to Will that he's making his football players choose his team over glee because he knows girlfriend Emma is still in love with Will. Will agrees to not lead on Emma, but Ken refuses to change his extra practice.

With Rachel now on his arm in front of the school, Puck is on the receiving end of the slushie. Puck hates the humiliation, so he chooses football over glee.

Most of the guys choose glee over football, except Finn. Puck returns for Rachel. Finn shows up in the halls with a slushie, but he's unable to throw it on any of the glee kids (even though his teammates will kick the crap out of him). Yet Kurt "takes one for the team" by doing it to himself. Kurt shows Finn that his football buddies wouldn't have done that for him. Obviously! Is anyone really worth taking a slushie in the face for?

Sue shows up at the news studio in a ridiculous zoot suit to find Rod kissing his co-anchor, whom he took to the swing competition the previous year. Rod explains that he's not exclusive. This doesn't sit well with Sue. Rod should know not to make Sue angry; you won't like her when she's angry!

Rachel breaks up with Puck, and it's all for the best. She knows he's in love with Quinn, and he knows Rachel's not over Finn. In fact, Rachel had just hoped to make Finn jealous. And guys love it when you tell them you were just dating them to make someone else jealous!

Finn tells Coach Ken that he wants to do both football and glee, and Ken agrees to cancel the extra practice. It's about time!

Sue returns to take her anger out on Will. She also fires Quinn from the Cheerios. Apparently, Sue does not handle disappointment well.

Will tells Emma that he can't mash-up her and Ken's songs because they don't blend together. She understands. Could that be a metaphor, perhaps?

Finn rejoins glee, but Quinn is devastated that she's no longer a Cheerio. Should have thought of that before you decided to cheat on Finn! (What? Were you expecting us to show a little more sympathy? Sorry!)


1. Bust a Move — Young MC (1989)/ Album: Stone Cold Rhymin'
Will Schuester and New Directions
2. Thong Song — Sisqó (1999)/ Album: Unleash the Dragon
Will Schuester
3. Sweet Caroline — Neil Diamond (1969)
4. I Could Have Danced All Night — from My Fair Lady (opened on Broadway in 1956)
Emma Pillsbury and Will Schuester

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