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Recap for Glee Episode 1.9: “Wheels”

With Quinn's baby bills mounting, Finn promises to get a job to support her. And Quinn's not the only one who needs some financial assistance. Glee needs money for a bus that can transport Artie and his wheelchair to Sectionals. Will proposes they hold a bake sale to raise money for the bus, but no one wants to participate. Artie feels dejected, so Will forces the rest of the squad to use a wheelchair for the week so they will all know what it's like to live in Artie's shoes.

Starting to prep for Sectionals, Will hastily assigns the lead to sing "Defying Gravity" (from the hit Broadway musical Wicked) to Rachel without giving consideration to the other glee members. Kurt requests to audition, but Will promptly shuts him down. Kurt admits his disappointment over not even getting a chance to audition to his father, Burt. Burt, ever the heartbreakingly supportive father, appeals to Principal Figgins, and Will agrees to let Kurt audition. Social convention be damned! The rest of the glee club will vote between Kurt and Rachel for the lead in a "Diva-Off." (Shoot! Even we would have trouble deciding who's the bigger diva!)

Puck tries to give Quinn money for their baby, but she refuses. They share a moment, which is caught by Finn. Puck and Finn get into a fistfight when Puck accuses him of whining over his fatherly responsibilities. Quinn threatens to break up with Finn if Finn doesn't come up with money... and soon. These two have all of the squabbles of a married couple but none of the sex! (Come to think, maybe that makes them even more like a married couple.)

Figgins is inspired by Will's wheelchair experiment and forces Sue to hold open tryouts for Quinn's replacement in the Cheerios. A Down Syndrome student named Becky attempts a feeble routine with a jump rope. Surprisingly, Sue accepts Becky for the team. Will is suspicious, and he certainly has grounds to be!

Burt gets an anonymous phone call disparaging his son. Burt is hurt (hey, that rhymes!), but doesn't want this to affect Kurt's dreams.

With the bake sale a bust, Puck buys marijuana from Sandy and bakes it into the cupcakes. They start to fly off the table in the bake sale. Again, we're not sure what lesson this show is trying to impart, but we're definitely all ears!

Will spies Sue overly pushing Becky at jump rope practice. He condemns her for bullying the girl. Sue claims that she isn't treating Becky any differently from the rest of her Cheerios. Yet Will is convinced Sue is up to something. Chill out, Will. Why can't Sue just berate a Downs Syndrome student in peace?

At the "Diva-Off," Kurt totally kills the song... until he misses the high F note and loses the lead to Rachel. Sadness!

Puck steals the bake sale money and brings it to Quinn, with the hope to buy her a house for their impending family. Although she is touched, Quinn orders him to give it back. Rachel helps Finn get a job pretending to be in a wheelchair, and Quinn gladly accepts his offer of money for their child. These students are becoming such model citizens!

With profits from the bake sale for the new bus, Artie votes to instead use the money for a ramp in the auditorium. Yet Figgins informs Will that Sue gave him a check for the ramp. The bake sale money can go toward the bus. Will does not know what Sue's underhanded motive is. Meanwhile, Sue goes to visit her mentally handicapped sister in a home. In one of the most touching moments of the season, we see Sue as sweet, kind, and caring as she reads her sister a story. This almost makes up for the rest of Sue's transgressions. Almost.

Tina kisses Artie on their first date, and then confesses she's been faking her stutter. She only pretended because she was shy and wanted people to leave her alone. Artie is sad because he thought they had something in common. She doesn't really have a handicap, but he's still stuck in his chair. That teaches her a valuable lesson once you start lying, you better be prepared to just keep on lying!

Kurt discloses to his father that he threw the audition on purpose in order to protect him. Kurt accepts who he is, but knows it will be hard for Burt to deal with a son who is gay. Seriously — how adorable are these two?!


1. Defying Gravity — from Wicked (opened on Broadway in 2003)
Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry
2. Dancing with Myself — Generation X (1981)/ Album: Kiss Me Deadly
Artie Abrams
3. Proud Mary — Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969)/ Album: Born on the Bayou
New Directions (in wheelchairs)

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