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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars Recap: Week 4, Performance

While reviewing last week’s eliminated couple, Buzz & Ashly, the DWTS producers replaced Buzz’s legs with a rocket and awkwardly blasted him off stage. Yikes, and we thought his dancing made us uncomfortable! But there wasn't much time to look back, because this week featured a double score showdown! It was also "passion night," and the stars eagerly took on the Rumba and Tango to try to earn the #1 spot in the rankings this week.

Costume-wise, tonight was all about the cleavage as the costumes came down the stairs, but the stars and pros also had a chance to shout out to their family and friends back home: Anna mouthed “Hi, mom, “ and Kate performed the usual “I love you!” at the camera, while Pam didn’t mug at all. Why no love for the peeps at home, Pam?

The judges discussed the dances around a table. When it came to the Tango — and the couples performing it — Len called Kate “one-dimensional,” Carrie Ann said Kate might do better this week because it involves smaller movements and Bruno said she must learn to trust her pro partner, Tony. Carrie Ann said Erin must watch her "death grip," and Bruno said she has to translate elegance into precision. Len said that Jake needs to add more showmanship to his performances and Bruno agreed Jake has energy he doesn’t use. Len said Evan’s footwork isn’t so good and Carrie Ann said he needs to point his toes. The three technical moves the performers needed to include in their dances this week were: Viennese crosses, continuous outside swivel, and a contra-check. The professionals did a Tango to Electric Six's "Danger! High Voltage," complete with flames on stage. And when there are flames on stage, who cares about the dance?

Erin & Maks

Len told Erin that she has sloppy feet after the performance last week, so now Erin is intimidated. But, she's certainly not shy: she wore Victoria Secret's “Love Pink” yoga pants, which had to be pixilated, and she also has a creepily visible ribs. Get yourself a sandwich, Erin!

Erin began her dance behind Len for a cover of “Sweet Dreams,” which ended up looking sort of lap dance-y. This week, she had much stronger footwork, and her sexy face was focused and she had somewhat less of a death grip on her partner. Her high kicks, of course, were firmly in place.

Len said the start was brilliant and that it was a full-on Tango, which he appreciated. He told Erin to get on her heels more. Bruno called it flamboyant with an aggressive start that then went wrong, and said her technique was off. Carrie Ann thought the performance suffered because of Erin's attention to technique, and noted that she managed to still have somewhat of a death grip.

The judges awarded them unanimous sixes for technique and unanimous sevens for performance, for a total score of 39.

Evan & Anna

Len told him after last week to tuck the butt and watch the footwork. Evan told Anna that, if he doesn’t do it right, to break the other toe, since 3 is his lucky number. How sweet!

During the performance, there was less energy in Evan’s upper body than normal but he and Anna got the tango simul-heads right and the performance is quite crisp. In a strange moment, though, he released the hold in the end a beat too soon.

Bruno called it strong and powerful with a cat-like arrogance and appreciated Evan’s work on the feet. Carrie Ann called it a great example of how working on the technique helps the performance. Len: said he nailed the step forward on the heel, and that it was a great performance.

Carrie Ann and Bruno gave them nines on technique and Len gave them and eight; the judges gave them the exact same scores for performance. Their total score was 52, the high score for the night.

The judges then “sat down” for the Rumba discussion. Len said he was concerned whether Pamela would go raunchy or romantic, while Bruno said they might be in for a surprise. Len expressed concern for Chad’s ongoing posture problems, while Carrie Ann said Chad has to stop focusing his performance internally or on Chery. Len felt like Nicole often went to showy. Bruno felt like Niecy often gets either her posture or her footwork right, but rarely both. Carrie Ann thought that Aiden needed to relax into the dance. The three required moves were: spiraling into a rope spin; opening out to the right and to the left; and at least one sliding doors

To demonstrate, the professions did the entire performance in underwear to “Because of You”. Good thing they kept the cameras above her waist, or else American might have gotten a glimpse of more than the Rumba.

Niecy & Louis

Louis, in Chicago, suggested dedicating their Rumba to someone Niecy loved 17 years ago, which Niecy knew meant that meant her brother whose “life was cut short" so many years ago. Her biggest fear was mastering the technique and managing her emotions. Knowing hat it was dedicated to Michael was what pulled Niecy through the 10-12 hour work days before the rehearsals started — she called him the angel on her side.

The dance was one of the first times Niecy’s footwork matched her emotions: while slow, it was fairly clean and articulated. Afterward, crying, Niecy went into the audience and hugged her mom.

Len: thought the opening-outs she did were great, but thought it needed more hip action. He said there was no highlight and that the dance was all of one level and a bit boring. Bruno said she looked as thought she was in a trance, and the sliding doors didn’t gel. Carrie Ann felt the emotional connection, but said the emotional feeling was so internal because, in Niecy’s mind, she obviously felt she was dancing bigger, but liked the opening-outs and the sliding doors.

Niecy told Brooke that she “wanted to give a performance to let people know there was life on the other side of loss,” making her the emotional favorite of yet anoehter night.

Each of the judges unanimously awarded the couple a 6 in all categories, for a total score of 36.

Aiden & Edyta

Edyta made Aiden feel her up more in rehearsal to try to eliminate his shyness and help him perform. He took her to a soap opera fan event, and she made him do their dance shirtless to increase pressure. He never got his shirt back.

While on some level it worked, Aiden still had an orphan hand — and he seemed much less stiff than normal. Unfortunately, that might be because Edyta choreographed the dance without a ton of foot work — it contained lots of holds, spins, and presentation, but it didn’t seem that complex overall. Besides which, the rhythm was off.

Carrie Ann felt Aiden was more comfortable this week, but his movement generated from the shoulders rather than his core. Len agreed that Aiden successfully acted out the dance, but there was no flow to it or musicality to it. Bruno said the look was great, but the dancing was like stop-motion animation. He agreed with Carrie Ann that the movement has to come from the center, flow, and be continuous.

Each of the judges awarded them a unanimous 5 for technique and a unanimous 6 for performance, for a total score of 33.

Nicole & Derek

Nicole said it’s hard to do the dance of love because Derek and she are too goofy — but that Len scared her after last week.

They performed the fastest Rumba of the night with far more footwork than the average couple. Plus, it had all kinds of hip movement and looked very sensual.

Bruno called Nicole an “unobtainable object of desire” but noted that she was hesitant and there were a couple of stumbles. Weirdly, he thought there could’ve been more hips. Carrie Ann agreed she looked nervous tonight, and said they could see her ankles quivering. She did appreciate the traditional lines they did tonight. Len thought they got the balance correct between technique and performance, but believed that the arms in the sliding doors were a bit exaggerated.

Carrie Ann gave them a 9 while Len and Bruno each gave them an 8 for technique; Carrie Ann and Len again each gave them an 8 for the performance, and Bruno gave them a 9. Their overall score was a 50, but Nicole still looked really unhappy with herself.

Jake & Chelsie

Jake apologized in rehearsal for not letting his guard down and not trusting his partner, after everyone thought he was a jerk last week for not taking direction well. For punishment, when he said, “I can’t do it,” Chelsie made him do 10 push-ups.

They were way better than last week, right up until Jake slipped on the floor in front of the judges. But he recovered and the slip wasn’t nearly as bad as their spins up and down the stairs were awesome.

Len said Jake attacked the dance and that the enthusiasm was all there, but a couple of incidents made it fall apart. Bruno said Jake threw in a lot of energy — but that it was very messy, because Jake lost the posture and his footwork was questionable. Carrie Ann said his biggest problem was the way he holds Chelsie, because it appears that he’s not quite connected emotionally or physically to his performance.

Carrie Ann and Bruno each gave them a 6 for technique, while Len offered them a 7; Carrie Ann and Bruno each them awarded them a 7 for performance while Len gave a 6. Their overall score was a 38.

Kate & Tony

Kate finally acknowledged that the judges are right that she’s not that great. In reheasal, Kate said that her custody stuff is playing out on the news and in public, and Tony said if she fails, "he" (meaning Jon Gosselin) wins. She said she knows this is the do-or-die week. Kate doesn’t want to be voted off, and doesn’t believe in herself, and feels bad for Tony to be her partner — but he said he still believes in her. Oh, here comes the producer pity-party!

While theirs was much slower than any other Tango, Kate's performance still wasn’t as craptastic as last week. She lost the footing pretty early, along with the rhythm, but stayed very demure throughout the performance. However, the whole dance was insanely boring until the final hold.

Bruno called it a mini-breakthrough, since Kate was finally dancing. However, he noted that the technique was terrible! Carrie Ann said she was proud of Kate because, although she might not have artistry in your movement, she has determination. Len broke from tradition and told Tony that he’s done a great job getting Kate to produce her best dance so far.

Backstage, Brooke asked Kate how she felt and Kate said, “Wow," which prompted Tony to say, “Kate Gosselin, speechless?” So much for the producer pity-party! Kate said she wants to keep going.

Carrie Ann gave their technique a 4, while Bruno and Len each gave them a 5; the judges were unanimous that the performance was a solid 6. So their total score for the night was 32.

Cheryl & Chad

Chad thought he should be good at the Rumba. (And can we just say how much we like Cheryl with freckles in her rehearsal videos? So cute!)

During the dance, we could tell from Cheryl's smile that it was going well: Chad’s posture was good, his moves were on, and the holds were good. Plus, he didn’t creep us out like he was in the club with a bottle full of bub’.

Carrie Ann said that Chad turned on the heat, this was his best dance because his posture improved, and the hip action was great. Len also noted the improvement in Chad’s posture and in the performance, and agreed that this was his best dance of the season. Bruno said Chad’s hips were alive, he was fluid, and he sustained the lines (which very few men can do).

Carrie Ann gave them a 7 on technique; Len gave them a 6; and Bruno gave them an 8. On performance, Carrie Ann and Bruno awarded them each an 8, while Len gave them a 7. Their total score was 44.

Pam and Damian

Len warned them about being too raunchy after last week's spectacle, but Pam struggled with doing a slow dance.

They were given Bonnie Raitt's “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” which allowed the pair to be sad and sexy, but not raunchy. Pam showed off her articulation, her lyricality, and her flexibility and was, amusingly, the most-dressed Rumba dancer of the night.

Len called it understated and sophisticated, and even said that their the spiral — performed twice — was very good, but declared Pam overdressed. Bruno said that Pamela Anderson can do refinement and elegance and be drop-dead sexy, and declared it, technically, the best dance she’s done so far. Carrie Ann said that there was something very profound happening on the floor, called the danced sophisticated, and noted that Pam finished the lines in the song, though she thought her arms were a little weird at times.

Carrie Ann gave them a 7 for their technique, while Len and Bruno agreed they deserved a an 8. Carried Ann gave them an 8 for performance; Len gave them a 7; and Bruno gave them a 9. Their final score was a 47.

Who's staying: Evan, Nicole and Pamela, if America isn’t insane.

Who should go: Everyone agrees that Kate is a hot mess, but the producers smell money — so Aiden and Jake had better watch their backs.

04.13.2010 / 04:38 AM EDT by Megan Carpentier
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