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Dancing With The Stars

After the Show on Season 10, Week 4: Kate Whined, Pamela Shined

Celeb and dance pro contestants battled it out on DWTS last night, where passion ruled, spray-tans glistened, and costumes were minimal at best (Edyta wore a metallic version of practically nothing). It was also double score showdown night, which means one score counted for performance (showmanship and style), and one score counted for technique (the actual dancing part). Because of this double scoring system, everyone was one their toes and dancing their best this week. Sadly, for some, the reality of dancing their best is far from great, or even good.

Kate Gosselin lay like a flat rag doll in partner Tony Dovolani's arms as he whirled her around to the beat of a Tango. All week long KG complained about her custody battle with her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, and how he doesn't make as much money as she does, but she's always dancing, so who's there to care for the kids? Good question Kate. Good question. According to Tony, tonight's results will determine Kate's fate with Jon: "If you lose this week, he wins." So if we vote for Kate to go home tonight, are we helping those poor kids, or hurting them?

Erin Andrews seems to be worrying more about her fancy Tango footwork than the death threats against her. But did her paranoia pan out? She seems to think it did, but the judges didn't quite agree. Erin threw daggers at Len Goodman after the announcement of her so-so scores. No matter how sympathetic we may feel for Erin (she is pretty and nice after all), her dancing was stiff, uninspired, and robotic. She deserved what she got. QUOTE

If Evan Lysacek was a dog, he'd probably be a greyhound. Kinda thin, somewhat graceful, regal, but devoid of any real charisma. Nobody says greyhounds are cute dogs. Maybe that's what Bruno meant when he said Evan's Tango was "Strong, powerful with a hint of cat-like arrogance." Arrogant or not, dog or cat, the judges ate it up. All eyes were on Evan's partner Anna Trebunskaya anyway, so it didn't really matter what Evan did on the dance floor. Anna wore a beautiful peek-a-boo sleeveless ballgown that definitely outshined Evan's usual drab and dark costume. Even his comments fell flat last night: "If I don't do it right, I will just break another toe. Three is my lucky number anyway."

Niecy Nash's partner, Louis van Amstel, dedicated their performance to Neicy's brother, who died 17 years ago. Give us a box of tissues because this dance was all emo and no technique. It wasn't the same kind of pity party that Kate had all week, but, call us cold-hearted, but dedicating this Rumba to Niecy's brother was a little over-the-top. Who wants to watch a sexy dance turned into something, as Louis put it, "spiritual?" For such a funny lady, this dance was simply sad. Last week was a dance for racial equality. What's next? A dance tribute to cancer?

Since Aiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinska got some extra Rumba practice on Aiden's personal yacht (while half-naked, of course), we'd think things would have gone better for them this week. The main problems: flat, emotionless performances, bad music, and drab cheorgraphy. Not to mention that Edyta's dress was atrocious — what there was of her dress, that is. Their song this week, "Live Like You Were Dying," was appropriate since it made us want to be put out of our own misery after enduring their ho-hum performance.

Nicole Sherzinger seemed nervous but poised. Her Rumba with partner Derek Hough was sensual and fun. Nicole was a bit overpowered by Derek this week, because he was simply more entertaining to watch. Not that Nicole's not the hottest thing alive she is, but come on, give us something more than a lot of leg and some wobbly feet.

Jake Pavelka admitted his trust issues with his partner Chelsie Hightower, which seemed oddly familiar to when he used that same excuse on his reality show. The judges seemed pleased with their performance, which was an average rendition of the tango at best. By the way, he showed up to practice with a shirt that read, “Turn Up, Keep Up, Show Up” on one side and “Trust your pro” on the other. Is he with Chelsie or against her. You gotta pick a side, buddy.

Chad Ochocinco is the kinda guy we just gotta love. Who wouldn't want to Rumba with Chad? He's a playa' with heart. He nailed his Rumba this week head-on. (way to move those football-toned hips, Chad!) The question that seems to be on everyone's mind is whether he's really that into his partner, Cheryl Burke, or are the diamonds and new car promises just flashy talk? Chad did comment this week in rehearsal that he loved Cheryl, and added, "Is that really bad for me to love her after four weeks?" Awww, we think we love Chad after just four weeks!

Pamela Anderson was the big surprise of the night. She really stood out, and not in a raunchy way. She was elegant and graceful, which was another side of the sexy Baywatch star that we haven't seen before. Pam seems to be working well with Damian, commenting that, "He totally handles me. I'm in the palm of his hand," and "oh, he's hot!" Pam added, "There's definitely chemistry between us. He's such a sweet guy and I'm just so enamored with him." Len Goodman couldn't help himself from commenting, "Other than being overdressed," (Len, you dirty old man), "you did good." Overall, the crowd and the judges loved her sexy but classy Rumba. She was the belle of the ball. But will the viewers go for it? We'll find out tonight!

04.14.2010 / 05:15 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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