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Dancing With The Stars

Costume Hits & Misses: Week 4 Results

Red and white are traditional colors of the heart and they made strong appearances on the DWTS “Passion Night” Results Show. Let’s go heart some fashion.


Bombshell Brooke

Lady in red! Brooke rocked a sexy, simple evening gown with chandelier earrings and an elegant updo. What a gorgeous recovery from yesterday’s busy flesh tones! This is what you wear when you want to be the most beautiful woman in the room.

Carrie Ann in white

Carrie Ann seemed to be raiding Nicole Scherzinger’s Rumba wardrobe with her goddess-with-a-side-braid look. Good plan! The loveliest judge was radiant in white with golden earrings. No one would ever question her rulings in this regal attire.

Sade is a smooth operator

Ageless, sexy Sade personified casual chic in her fitted red and white jackets — one paired with blank pants, the other a long white skirt. Both outfits showed her natural style and grace as she sang her smooth, relaxing hits. Who ever looks this cool at any age, never mind at age 51?

Bruno’s mask

Just had to comment on this. You know Bruno kept this Tuesday the 13th mask, with its rhinestone glitter. It’s too fabulous to give back to the costume department.


Sade’s backup singers

What in heaven’s name was this about? Sade was stunning, but her two young backup singers (including her daughter) looked like Urkel twins in blue-and-white striped shirts with red suspenders, I-Work-At-Blockbuster khakis and what looked like a dozen fake flowers stuffed in their hair. Weird.

04.15.2010 / 03:16 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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