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Dancing With The Stars

The 5 Worst DWTS Contestants Ever

You think Kate Gosselin can’t dance? Well, you’re right. But she’s far from the only one. In the 10 seasons of Dancing with the Stars we’ve seen some real horror shows. Some even worse than Kate’s “Paparazzi” dance. Kate and her fellow Season 10 shuffler Buzz Aldrin would definitely make the top 10 worst dancers, but we think we’ve found five others who may have them beat.

5. Jerry Springer & Kym Johnson, Season 3

Jerry was one of those contestants who slides through week after week on the strength of their sadistic fan base. (Sound familiar?) He was finally eliminated sixth out of 11 dancers after a Paso Doble Bruno Tonioli compared to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

4. Monica Seles & Jonathan Roberts, Season 6

Poor Monica. Some dancers are bad because they are all flash, no substance. Some let their partners do all the work. Some are just wooden and dull. Monica was of the wooden and dull variety in her Week 1 Foxtrot and did not improve in her Week 2 Mambo. If you look uncomfortable, Monica, it’s going to make us uncomfortable. Zero performance value, and almost as little talent. Sorry, Monica.
3. Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas, Season 7

She was 82 when she danced on the show, making her the oldest contestant in DWTS history. (Buzz is 80.) And she was arguably the most entertaining, too. She couldn’t dance, but man could she hog the spotlight. She put her sainted partner Corky Ballas (Mark’s dad) through such pain just trying to teach her one step. But man she was fun. She beat five far superior dancers to be eliminated sixth, after a typically graceless Cha-Cha-Cha. Her name still comes up three seasons later as the poster child for dance floor insanity.
2. Kenny Mayne & Andrea Hale, Season 2

If you ever need a quick laugh, just watch Kenny make an earnest attempt to dance the Cha-Cha-Cha. He tried, bless him, when maybe it would’ve gone better for him if he went the “What the hell, let’s have fun” route like Jerry Springer and comedians Jeffrey Ross, Adam Carolla and Penn Jillette. Instead, his dancing was wooden, stiff and unintentionally funny. “That was demented,” Bruno said. “It was like Pinocchio chasing Jiminy Cricket across the room.” He was not “Hot Stuff,” and the title song of his Cha-Cha-Cha just made it all the more ironic. No wonder Andrea didn’t come back. Now Kenny returns to the show every season to make fun of everyone else.
1. Master P & Ashly DelGrosso, Season 2

Poor Ashly. Master P clearly did not want to be there. His son, Lil’ Romeo, was the one who was supposed to be on the show and when he withdrew Papa Percy Miller filled in. He didn’t even try, barely even shuffled across the floor. It wasn’t just hard to watch, it was downright insulting to his partner, Ashly, who had an expert dancer in Buzz Aldrin by comparison. Even getting the lowest scores every week — including the lowest score in the show's history, a total of 8 out of 30 (4, 2, and 2) for his Paso Doble — he still outlasted three other dancers (including Kenny) and placed fourth. Kate Gosselin is a terrible dancer, but at least she shows a teensy bit of effort.

04.20.2010 / 01:23 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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