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Dancing With The Stars

Costume Hits & Misses: Week 5, Performance

There was a fine mix of glam and sham on DWTS Movie Night. Let's take a look at some leading lady swagger and some life-size replicas of ugly doll clothes.


Black-and-white femme fatale

Brooke is not exactly edgy. Too soft, too maternal But we think she looks best in these hard-edged strapless numbers. She gives the show some cool sophistication, instead of aging it up in long, flowing, Oscar-wannabe evening gowns.

Vincent & Mia

Yes, these are the same looks Apolo Anton Ohno & Julianne Hough wore in Season 4 for their Pulp Fiction dance. But Erin is much closer to Uma Thurman's height, shape, and chic maturity. And Maks is just drop-dead sexy. We bet John Travolta wishes he had Maks' effortless style. The leggy blonde was born to wear tight black pants and a tied men’s shirt, with just a hint of the maracas peeking out. And Maks was born to stand next to her. Their total look is playful, sexy, and fun.

Chelsie puts the tinsel in Tinseltown

Bruno was right: Jake should not have put his pants back on. If you're going to go for Risky Business, then get risky and stay risky. Jake’s partner, Chelsie, on the other hand, was the real sparkler, Cha-Cha-Cha-ing in this cute silver mini-dress. Very starlet-on-the-rise.

Nicole’s red Tango dress

It’s always nice when someone starts off wearing something kinda fugly, then rips it off to reveal the gorgeous frock underneath. So, we appreciated it when Nicole ripped off her black trench coat and attacked the dance floor in a tight, sleek, and red-hot Tango dress. This is how to be sultry without being vulgar. (Edyta, it’s too late for you to learn this season, but consider this tip for next season.)

Anna’s 40 percent dress

Anna so rarely gets to be outright sexy, we sometimes forget she really is a hot little number. Her sparkly blue dress only covered about 40 percent of her body, but it’s still 20 percent more than Edyta would’ve worn. Anna deserves to show some skin out there.

Carrie Ann is a jewel

Carrie Ann continues to show good taste from the judges’ table in this simple black dress accented with a jeweled shoulder strap. Not a show-stopper, but classy and understated nonetheless. Sometimes it really should be about the dancers, not the judges. Especially is the judge in question is sitting right next to Len in that pink monstrosity.


Len in that pink monstrosity

Len must put all of his personality into his clothes and have nothing left for the dancers. He loves to wear pink shirts, for some reason, and last night it was a hot Pink Panther with his trademark too-short suit sleeves. Distracting. Niecy was on the right track with that lipstick kiss — if you can’t stick to just black and white, how about some red? Anything but more pink. You are not a pink man, Len.

Kate as the 9th Gosselin child

Kate regressed in every possible way last night. Her dancing was as bad as it was on Week 1 and the (dare we say it?) pretty face she showed last week was drowning in that childish pink dress and goofy ribbon in her hair. Was that in any way supposed to channel The Breakfast Club? Even Ally Sheedy would mock this outfit. No wonder the blackboard said Tony hearts Carrie Ann instead of Kate.

Pam turns Dolly into Raggedy Ann

We’re not trying to confuse Dolly Parton with Audrey Hepburn or anything, but Dolly looks a lot better than this. This is not Pam paying homage to Lady TaTa, this is Pam wearing way too much eye makeup and a dress that looks like it was made out of the kitchen curtains because the rest of the wardrobe department was lost in a warehouse fire.

Cheryl's Jungle Book gets jumbled

It was an off week for Cheryl in general. She was tired of babysitting Chad and tired of ... well, that's more than enough to tire a person. Chad's arms looked good in jungle attire, but Cheryl's full-on print was just too obvious and too much. The overall look of the piece was cluttered and all over the place. Try to really stick with the bare necessities next week.

04.21.2010 / 06:54 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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