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Dancing With The Stars

Top 5 Funniest Moments: Week 5 Results Show

The only funny thing about the result of this DWTS Results show is that it didn’t happen sooner. That said, there were plenty of humorous moments to go around, thanks to wardrobe malfunctions, evil judges, and overexcited pros.

5. Watch that first step

Derek, the cutest puppy on DWTS, was so excited after he and Nicole got two 10s and a 9 for their Tango, he fell over in the confessional booth. Tom Bergeron called it his Buster Keaton moment.

4. Torture time!

Next week the seven remaining stars get to torture their pros by designing their costumes, with the help of pro Randall Christensen. The celebs seemed to take sick delight in the idea.

• Evan told Anna to grab a drink cause it was going to get ugly.
• Who doesn’t want to see Derek in spandex, Nicole joked.
• Randall suggested something see-through for Cheryl and Chad said “Bingo.”
• Niecy: “I wonder if it would be hard to make an outfit out of chocolate.”
• Kate wanted white with pastel sequins for Tony. (Guess that’s not gonna happen!)
• Jake picked out sequins for Chelsie and he took to the challenge with the same earnest gusto he gave to picking out Vienna’s ring on The Bachelor.
• Nicole ended the segment by making a bad Pussycat Dolls pun about how they would loosen up some buttons.

3. Don’t forget to get your money back

In a nice pre-parting shot, Len said if Kate’s Foxtrot had been a movie he’d have walked out of the theater.

2. Risky business indeed

All in all, maybe not the best choice for the encore dance. Len joked that he and Carrie Ann wanted to see a really fun Cha-Cha-Cha, but Bruno wanted to see someone in his tighty-whities. That’d be Jake. But when introducing the dance, Len said “It’s Chad & Chelsie!” On top of that, during the dance, Chelsie had a wardrobe malfunction with the right side of her dress and kept covering herself up so her boob didn’t pop out. As Tom appreciated after the dance, “Jake & Chelsie with some very impressive on the move adjusting. And Jake though he was the one that was going to be exposing the most.”

1. Adam Carolla speaks the truth

It’s always fun to have Adam Carolla around. Sure, he couldn’t dance back in Season 6, but he knows how to dish out the zingers. And he still cares enough to cry over how Evan is “desecrating” his beloved sport by being a professional ice dancer.

• Set it up — He joked about the cheap set backdrop, saying his first contestant roasting segment was so successful, they bought him 50 cents worth of fake brick. “You beat Idol and this is what you get, fake brick?” he said.
• Niecy — They showed clips of how often she talks about dancing for “thick” women everywhere. “I get it,” Adam said. “But when I did the show I didn’t dedicate every performance to Italians who were mistaken for Jews.”
• Pam — Referencing her 9 to 5 set, Adam said “a true champion doesn’t needs props.” Cut to footage of his silent porn star unicycle Paso Doble with Julianne Hough back on Season 6.
• Pam II — They replayed her strange post-Quickstep “dun dun dun dun dun” in the Celebriquarium. “Pam if you were a jukebox, I’d kick you.”
• It’s true! — Adam said he noticed three couples got the devil’s scores of 6, 6 and 6. (It was really two.) “The dark lord is among us and thy name is Bruno.”

04.22.2010 / 03:02 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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