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Dancing With The Stars

Recap Roundup: Season 10, Week 6

Check out what other DWTS fans dished out this week for the Performance show dance floor triumphs and tragedies:

Here's what the critics had to say about the performance show...

Lyneka Little at The Wall Street Journal: "To start, Jake Pavelka tackled the samba taking some criticism for lacking rhythm during his performance. Jake was praised for his potential but criticized for his inability to flow. With the latter being the most important part of a dance competition, we’re not sure why the former Bachelor star didn’t get a much lower score. Meanwhile, his competitor Evan Lysacek took to the samba like a fish in water despite a back flipping head injury while rehearsing with partner Anna Trebunskaya. A slight concussion couldn’t stop the Olympian’s mastery of the sexy, hip-swiveling moves — even if the judges don’t agree with us viewers at home. “It’s all very beautiful but not appropriate for this,” said judge Bruno. When you get criticism for being “far too poetic” in your dance moves, keep those tear ducts dry and smile. Niecy Nash worked on controlling her feet and minimizing her “feminine wiles” for the Argentine tango. “It’s obvious you’re an enthusiastic eater,” says Len. Ouch! Len took his foot out of his mouth for the next performance, vocally expressing his dislike for Erin Andrews‘ routine. The judge chided her dance partner for the props and skin that has become a weekly part of the duo’s routines. “You come out and show me a proper dance, I’m fed up with shirts coming off,” he said. At the end, with Erin and Nicole battling it out for style and stamina in the last round, we couldn’t help but think this was a glimpse of the of the finale. When Erin gives her all, she’’s one of the few competing with the top dance talent Nicole."

David McAlpine at Reality Wanted: "The evening is always never at its highest point if a show starts out with Jake Pavelka. It didn't work with The Bachelor and it really doesn't work now, either. Right away, Jake's rhythm issues are seriously coming into play, because the samba just doesn't work if you can't follow the music. No amount of good looks can save you now, pal! I didn't realize how evil my laugh was on the inside until I thought about it just now. And it actually came out a couple times during his performance, which was very jerky. In the end, I think the judges were way too soft on this guy, because his feet clearly were not moving the way they needed to."

Meghan Carlson at BuddyTV: "Jake seems to lack a deep-down, intrinsic sense of rhythm (no insult intended, just an observation from a fellow sufferer of the no-rhythm gene) so it's actually quite impressive how far he's gotten on sheer hard work and enthusiasm. He's learning and improving, but his lack of effortless connection to the music lends his routines a bit of awkwardness. He over-compensates in energy and, as a result, ends up stumbling. I'm not sure if/how he'll be able to loosen up, but it needs to happen now."

And the results show...

Jonathan Pinkerton at Nashville Entertainment Examiner: "Another commercial break and it was time for the night's second musical guest/time-filler as Benise, a flamenco guitarist strummed while still more professional dancers, well danced. Benise (pronounced buh-nu-saa--emphasis on the final syllable according to the voice over on his official site) comes across as a hybrid of this season's American Idol hopeful Casey James and former Idol hopeful-turned Broadway star, Constantine Morales. That comparison has some legitimate basis, considering Benise's upcoming concert DVD, which hits stores in a matter of weeks, is the brainchild of DWTS and Idol's creative team. Side Note: contrary to what you might think, Benise was born Roni Benise (most likely originally pronounced bene-see) in Nebraska, but thanks to some clever marketing, he comes across as a pure-bred latin artist."

Annie Barrett at ET: "On the week 6 elimination episode of Dancing With the Stars, it was bye-bye to commercial pilot and Tom Cruise lookalike Jake Pavelka. Big dreamer Jake, who can't imagine what in life can top something like Dancing With the Stars, called season 10 ''the best season of Dancing With the Stars I've ever seen.'' He's probably never seen the show. If he had, he'd realize that when people get kicked off, they're supposed to talk about their partners! After being prompted by Brooke's synthetic ponytail to address Chelsie, Jake called her one of his best friends. Not sure how Chelsie felt about that. It generally seemed like she never really understood anything he was saying. She'd just nod and bravely smirk. What the hell was he ever talking about? Why was he thanking Canada? Silly, tied-down Bachelor. 
If anyone wants to see an unflattering closeup of Vienna pretending to be upset that her man will no longer be spending all of his time dancing with a younger, hotter blonde click here. You know you'll miss her! No. You won't."

Joyce Eng at TV Guide: "And the couple leaving is... Jake and Chelsie! Vienna's sad. Jake thanks Texas and Mavericks fans and says he's honored to have been part of the show before tearing up as he takes the mic from Tom to thank Chelsie. "You're one of my best friends," he tells her. "I have loved every second of this." I spaced out for a second and half-expected him to propose to her. Anyone else? Who can blame him? That's all reality shows have asked of him until this."

04.30.2010 / 12:09 AM EDT by Braxton
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