Lea and Matthew, Sitting in a Tree? No Way, Says Lea Michele!

How's this for a tangled web? There have been some tabloid reports circulating that Lea Michele (Rachel) and Matthew Morrison (Will) were hook-up buddies while the two lived in New York (pre-Glee) and that, worse, Lea was the "other woman" that broke up Matthew's first engagement. And this wouldn't be so creepy to even imagine if they weren't playing student-teacher on Glee! (In real life, Lea and Matthew are only separated by 7 years.)

Well, before you pop a blood vessel, it turns out those rumors are just rumors. Says Lea Michele, "I’ve known Matt for years. He’s been a friend of mine from New York. People are going to make things up. I think it’s just because we really are so close." Phew!

And lest you think something is brewing now between the two friends, Lea's currently taken: "He’s a theatre guy. He works on Broadway." Just as long as it isn't Matthew, we're cool!


05.1.2010 / 02:16 AM EDT by Chris
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