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Are Santana and Brittany Lesbian Lovers?

We've got news on one of Glee's hottest on-screen pairings: Santana and Brittany! In an interview with The Advocate, Glee star Heather Morris (Brittany) confirms what has long been alluded to during the first season: That the two Cheerios are more than just friends.

I think we all remember that jaw-dropping scene from earlier in the season when Santana said, "Sex is not dating," and Brittany replied, "If it were, Santana and I would be dating." Word on the street is that Naya Rivera asked Glee director Brad Falchuck, "Are we doing this because she doesn’t know what sex means, or did we in fact hook up?”Brad then responded, “Oh, no, you hooked up!” So they did actually hook up!

Now that that's all cleared up, what does Heather think about it? She tells The Advocate, "I asked Ryan Murphy about it too. We were like, what does this mean for Brittany and Santana? [Laughs] Because Naya and I are best friends off-camera too, and we’re always together, so that’s always sort of been a joke with the writers. I think it’s great. I know some younger girls go through confusion, and I had friends who weren’t sure about their sexuality at that age. So even if it’s never spoken about directly, it’s great if someone can relate to that. I’m glad [creator] Ryan Murphy touched on it a bit for people who might be struggling with that."

During a recent episode too, Santana and Brittany propositioned Finn with the chance for a three-way and an opportunity to watch the two girls make out. But before you get too hot under the collar, don't expect this relationship to go any further. Heather says, "I’m always anticipating getting a script that’s going to be about our love story line, but I don’t think I ever will. Brittany and Santana are just best friends ... I asked Ryan about [taking it further], and he said there was no way. He said that since we’re a prime-time television show, he didn’t want to do that." So, not-so-veiled references to threesomes, good. Potential girl-on-girl action, bad. Got it.

Still, there's always season two!

Source: The Advocate

05.5.2010 / 09:07 PM EDT by Chris
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