Is Lea Michele a Diva?

Say it ain't so! According to the ever-present "sources," Glee star Lea Michele (Rachel) might be a gigantic diva.

A spy told heat magazine that Lea is "a snob." Further: "She sometimes even refuses to talk to junior staff. If they ask her something, she just directs them to her assistant and walks the other way." Oh, come on! The Lea Hater also told the magazine that Lea was a bully in school: "She called [a girl] a 'mop head' [because of her hair] ... It started out as a nickname she would just use among her friends, but as time passed she started calling her names to her face. One time, she even made the girl cry."

We have a hard time believing someone as seemingly nice as Lea could ever make anyone cry. Though we wouldn't be surprised if she did make fun of someone in high school. Seriously, who hasn't? Plus, it's not like Lea was some wallflower. Alas, whether or not the reports of her set behavior are true is yet to be determined. But if we notice Amber Riley or Chris Colfer giving her dirty looks, we'll know why.

Source: MTV

05.5.2010 / 10:15 PM EDT by Chris
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