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Dancing With The Stars

Top 10 Bruno-isms of Season 10 (So Far)

As Tom Bergeron put it at one point, "You know Bruno, sometimes you’re just weird." Yes. That's our Bruno Tonioli. The man who released his Kraken on Chad Ochocinco and Jake Pavelka, compared Shannen Doherty to a primate, and popularized the phrase "Superbitch from Hell" in his valiant attempt to lead the Kate Gosselin insult brigade. (He succeeded.) So now let's grab a shopping cart, take off our pants and direct our "huge, huge, huge talent" to this list of the Top 10 Bruno-isms of DWTS Season 10 so far.

10. Any thoughts on her dancing?

On Pamela Anderson's brunette Tango in Week 6: "Another week and another great character from Pamela. It’s Angelina, the sultry Latina. The blossom of the Pampas, ready to be plucked, but not without a fight!"

9. No wonder she was too traumatized to go on Jimmy Kimmel

To Shannen Doherty after her Week 1 Viennese Waltz: “You were swinging your arm around like a primate.”

8. Maybe it's his fault Pam kept playing sex kitten

To Pamela after her Week 1 Cha-Cha-Cha: “Stripperella is back home! Do it to me, girl!”

7. Your lunchbox?

On Niecy Nash’s comedic Week 6 Tango, where she faked a kick to Louis van Amstel's groin. “Well, darling, if you treat all your men like that stay away from my lunchbox. I don’t want to start to speak like a tenor!”

6. Someone just saw Clash of the Titans

On Chad's Week 3 Paso Doble: “Chad, you released the Kraken!”

5. Jake's paid stripper gig

After Jake started his Week 5 Risky Business Cha-Cha-Cha with his pants off, but put them back on after about five seconds: “Jake, you cheeky bugger, why did you put your pants on?” He threw money at Jake, who stuffed the bill down his pants. Classy!

4. Uh, should we leave you two alone?

To Chad after his Week 1 Cha-Cha-Cha: “I can really see you have a huge, huge, huge… talent.”

3. Shopping for insults

To Kate, after her Week 1 Viennese Waltz: “You have to learn to perform a human character. It looked like Tony was pushing a shopping cart around the block.”

2. The scathing farewell
Ouch! Bruno launched his attack on Kate's Week 5 Breakfast Club Foxtrot by checking his notes for the correct wording, making it seem like a premeditated murder. Dripping with condescension, Bruno said to Kate: “Darling, I think Tony could’ve had more life from a frock on a coat hanger. You were just wafting around distant, you know, catatonic. And you know, it’s just, I am actually upset because last week I thought something happened and now everything has gone back right at the beginning. And it really is not good enough. It needs a post mortem, not really a critique.” Nasty.

1. "Superbitch from Hell" was a compliment

To Kate, after her now infamous Week 3 "Paparazzi" Paso Doble: “Actually I think there was a good thing. I think for once you played the character. You came out there, you had a look of the Superbitch from Hell. You know, the face like thunder.” Yikes.

05.6.2010 / 10:30 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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