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Dancing With The Stars

Recap Roundup, Season 10, Week 7

DWTS fans are nothing if not always opinionated. Here's what they had to say about this week's Performance and Results show triumphs and tragedies:

Here's what the critics had to say about the performance show...

Joyce Eng at TV Guide: "The final six work separately and together on Dancing with the Stars, as couples split into two teams to compete in the Cha-Cha Challenge. Which team won? How did everyone handle the pressure of two full dances? Find out below! OK, first things first, why is Brooke in sausage casing? Seriously, this is the most unflattering outfit ever, and it doesn't help that it's red. Secondly, it's Cheryl's birthday, and if you've been on Twitter, Chad has been spoiling her basically the whole day. Imagine what he'll get her if they do well.

Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Quickstep
Lest we forget, Len was, like, the only person who despised Maks' striptease last week. Maks wants to keep stripping and plans to do some in the quickstep, which Erin worries will upset Len even more. (Speaking of birthdays, Erin's is Tuesday.) Maks promises it will be a proper quickstep with a "super-quickstep-y" section in the middle. "Maybe I'll just take my pants off at the end. Just a little bit," he says. He actually takes them off at the beginning, with an assist from Erin, but it's not a proper striptease. They strip off their black covers to unveil some hot salmon costumes (whose flourescence are only rivaled by Len's bright green shirt and yellow tie combo). Maks wasn't kidding about the "super-quickstep-y-ness." They're going at lightning speed and are in perfect hold most of the time. Erin still tenses up a little bit up top, but her legs and feet are flying with a precision she hasn't had before. Len has no issues with the clothes swap and says it's her best dance. Bruno loves the difficult variations, but wants her to loosen up the shoulders. Carrie Ann says it's gorgeous."

Lyneka Little at The Wall Street Journal:

On Monday’s episode of “Dancing With the Stars,” contestants lost their pants and Team Pow, Wow and Damn (copyright Ochocinco) faced off against Team Madonna for additional points.

It all began with a performance by Erin Andrews and Max, who managed to keep their clothes on during the quickstep despite stripping down a layer. The judges were impressed by Erin’s moves, and other than a couple of remarks about stiff shoulders, they could find no real negative comments to make about the ESPN star. End result: Erin took home 27 out of 30 points for her individual week seven performance. [...] Evan Lysacek danced the Argentine tango in one of the most memorable performances of the night for us. The sexy and sultry routine was impressive even for the graceful ice skater. The confident dance moves earned the Olympian a standing ovation as Evan become diversified in his performances and earned the first perfect score of the season. A 30 out of 30."

And the results show...

Annie Barrett at EW: "
On the week 7 elimination episode of Dancing With the Stars, Pamela Anderson, the magically babelicious pop culture icon who reduced Tom Bergeron to a 12-year-old boy, said farewell to sequins, fringe, and the daily execution of splits. Her poise, ability to assume characters, and sweet nature will be missed. Honestly, it seemed like she knew she'd be gone. She was calm and cracking jokes, as if she'd already had a decent cry before the liiiiiive taping. Due to a vague-sounding injury, Pam got to close out her DWTS experience in a lovely pastel princess gown and perfect makeup instead of a black pleather raincoat and streaks of sweat. Hey, you gotta keep it classy, even on reality TV.

Your votes had set the stage for a shocking elimination! I wouldn't call Pam's oust that shocking, but it did provide the graphics department with a great excuse to splatter sliver lightning bolts all over the contestants' headshots. I have to say, when Tom said ''One of these couples will be in the bottom two'' and the audience gasped, I thought it would be Nicole and Derek. Alas, the ''fast, furious, and fabulous'' Erin and ''her Russian'' could not survive the unflattering bloodbath (of light) of the dreaded bottom two.

My favorite part of Tuesday's show was Niecy's previously taped outburst backstage. ''Why do people keep asking me that? Did I think I would be this far? Yes, because I'm going to win the mirrorball trophy!'' She was quite matter-of-fact about it. My mom (DANCMSTR Dee) and I both love how Niecy often refers to the trophy specifically as ''the mirrorball trophy.'' No one mentions it more than she does. I think I like this because it takes a true DWTS fan to have picked up on Tom's subtle repetition of the term and the air of ultimate importance with which he's delivered it for the past 50 years."

Colleen Bohen at Dance Spirit Magazine:

"Keep:The Macy's Stars of Dance Performance. I LOVE this segment. It gives mainstream America a glimpse of so many different kinds of dance, and I find it really entertaining. During last night's performance. I was so impressed by Tabitha and Napoleon D'Umo's fun, energetic choreography for Viva Elvis. That show is at the top of my must-see list for the next time I'm in Vegas!

The musical guests. I love that the show's professional dancers are given the opportunity to perform alongside the musical artists each week. It's so refreshing to see them each dancing with partners who share their high skill levels. However, if I were in charge, I'd try to give these dancers more time on camera. As much as I may like the musicians, I don't need to watch them sing in order to appreciate their performances. It drives me crazy when the cameramen spend too much time focusing on the singer, cutting the dancers out of the frame. I'd prefer more wide shots so that I can always see what's happening on the dance floor.

Toss:The extended elimination segments. Was it just me, or is this process excruciating? Last night was the worst it has ever been. It's bad enough that they slowly save one couple at a time, but to call Chad & Cheryl and Pam & Damien onto the floor, and then tell them that they're "still in jeopardy" and have to wait until the end of the show to find out if they're in the bottom two? That was ridiculous. My suggestion: just make all of the couples wait until the last segment and have a quick, tidy elimination. In my opinion, the drawn-out process fails to build up my sense of anticipation. Instead, it just irritates me and I spend the entire hour trying to convince myself not to change the channel.
The repeat performances. I loved Team Gaga's performance on Monday night, but I didn't need to watch it again on Tuesday night. This always feels like a waste of time, and the second time is never as good as the first. All of the competitive energy is pulled out of that second performance, so the celebrities rarely seem to put as much heart into it the second time around. Instead, the producers should just let the pros perform another number here.
The bizarre, tangential filler packages. Last night, Melissa Rycroft took us behind the scenes to show us what it's like to work on "Dancing With The Stars." She gave brief outlines of what various staff members, like production assistants, stage managers and makeup artists do all day, and attempted to fill in the blanks with bad jokes and slapstick humor. I thought the whole thing fell flat and I really had to fight my instincts to fast forward my TiVo. These segments are the most extreme examples of "fluffy filler," they are a total waste of the audience's time. If the show is ever cut back to a half hour, this is the first type of segment that should go."

Aubrey Ward III at Firefox News: "Though I didn’t watch the entire Week 7 Elimination Night I was pleased to see Team Gaga (with Chelsie Hightower substituting for Pamela Anderson) reprising their amazing Cha Cha performance. That routine is going to be in heavy rotation on my PC for the next couple of the days. Train also stopped in to perform “Hey, Soul Sister”. It would’ve been nice if they invited Aiden Turner & Edyta Sliwinska to reprise their Week 3 Quickstep which was set to that song. Instead, they brought out six of the pros to perform along with the band. Chad Ochocinco, Erin Andrews and Pamela Anderson were plopped in the bottom three. When Chad was announced as safe that left Erin and Pamela to sweat it out under that horrible red light. And then it was finally announced that Erin would go on to dance another week. Pamela had come to the end of her road. Ms. Anderson thanked her partner, Damian Whitewood, for his teachings and was appreciative of all the dance skills she learned on the show. I knew Season 10 was going to be something special when Pamela Anderson was officially announced as a contender. I think a lot of viewers tuned in just to see what kind of train wreck Pamela was going to be on the dancefloor. The male viewership probably increased at the possibility that the busty lass would have a major wardrobe malfunction during her routine."

05.7.2010 / 02:18 AM EDT by Auburn Scallon
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