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Greatest Hits: This Week’s Most Popular Links

As any good Gleek knows, oldies are goodies! If you accidentally skipped past some of our killer coverage this week (it's okay, we still love you), here's you chance to hit rewind. Check out our juiciest, wackiest, and most scintillating stories from the week, because, hey, what else are Fridays for?

Greatest Hits: This Week’s Most Popular Links

1. Top 10 Quotes from Glee, Episode 1.17, “Bad Reputation”: Need to bone up on your Sue-Sylvesterisms to impress your friends this weekend? We’ve got you covered!

2. Are Santana and Brittany Lesbian Lovers? Inquiring (gutter) minds want to know, and we've got your answer, straight from the Cheerios' mouths! (You're still thinking dirty, aren't you?!)

3. Is Lea Michele a Diva? Whoa. Is Lea Michele a mean girl? One source wants you to think so.

4. Five Things You Don’t Know about Chris Colfer: You think you know, but you have no idea! Get the dirt on Chris Colfer (Kurt) — including his surprisingly violent hobby.

5. Finn goes to the Dark Side? Mwahaha! Does the normally happy-go-lucky Finn finally snap in upcoming episodes? Find out!

6. Photo Gallery: Behind the Scenes Photos from the Upcoming Lady Gaga Episode: Holy Gaga! Kurt and Tina in Lady Gaga-esque costumes? You've got to see this.

7. Lea Michele on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Can you guess with rockin' movie Lea Michele is obsessed with? Get the scoop.

8. Glee Flash Mob Hits Ohio: First Seattle, now Ohio — check out the new Glee flash mob! If this doesn't give you flash mob fever, we don't know what will!

9. Video: Chris Colfer Discusses Meeting Lady Gaga on Ellen: Aww... Chris was starstruck when he met Lady Gaga? Adorable!

10. Jonathan Groff: Perma-Glee Presence? Whether you're on Team Jesse or Team Finn, you'll want to read this.

05.8.2010 / 04:39 AM EDT by Braxton
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