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Cory Monteith and Taylor Swift: Dating?

Now that Lea Michele has told everyone that the cast of Glee is keeping things strictly business, it's time to start wondering who the stars are dating. We've heard a lot of speculation surrounding a possible romance between Cory Monteith (Finn) and superstar singer Taylor Swift (Cory says they're just "good friends"). So, are they or aren't they? Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to attempt to find out!

Cory will be appearing today on Ellen's show and the talk show host found time to ask about his love life:

Ellen: "So you now you're a big star and you're probably dating. Are you dating?
Cory: "I don't know where the time is to date these days."
Ellen: "I mean are you dating Taylor Swift is what I mean?"
Cory: "No, we're just friends."
Ellen: (Shows picture of Cory and Taylor) "It doesn't seem like friends there."
Cory: "It's cute."
Ellen: "It's really cute. You'd be a cute couple... maybe."
Cory: "She's lovely."
Ellen: "She is lovely and you're lovely. Two lovely people."
Cory: "Stop it. Listen to her..."
Ellen: "Yeah, listen to me. Think about it."

Hmm, we think Cory doth protest too much! In other Ellen-related news, Cory tweeted a video of himself backstage before the show sneaking around looking at props. One thing he revealed: Ellen will make him perform his Glee audition tape in front of a national audience! We can't wait.

Source: USA Today

05.11.2010 / 09:44 PM EDT by Chris
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