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Dancing With The Stars

Costume Hits & Misses: Week 8, Performance

Crazy amount of clothing issues to talk about this week — starting with Brooke's insanely gorgeous dress. Let's get to it!

Costume Hits

Brooke in blue

We have a winner! Brooke has become the #1 Herve Leger model in America, rocking another of the designer's signature looks, this time a stunning cerulean blue and black evening gown. As Brooke tweeted before the show, "I'm loving my Herve Leger dress tonight! Quickly becoming my fav designer...." Check out more Herve Leger designs here. And save your pennies.

Erin & Maks' Tango

Elisabeth Hasselbeck can stuff it. Erin's Argentine Tango costume accentuated her million mile arms and legs. She looked perfectly seductive without being trashy. Maks was suave in his hat and coat, but what was with the loose gray slacks? We didn't love them as much.

Nicole & Derek's Foxtrot

Love that our two favorite guys are rocking the hot hats. Derek & Nicole were retro fabulous in their classy-but-cool Foxtrot. Foxtrots aren't normally superstar dances on this show, but leave it to the dynamic duo to make it look fabulous. Extra points for getting the same dress top that Niecy had in her Viennese Waltz and wearing it much better. She lucked out on the bottom of her dress, too. Poor Niecy.

Nicole & Derek's 1950s Paso Doble

It was truly the best night of the season for Nicole & Derek, who completely embodied their Grease-type characters of the T-Bird tough guy and Spanish Pink Lady with Bettie Page hair. Is there anything cooler than Derek doing Paso Doble moves while sweeping back his hair like John Travolta? The answer is no.

Evan & Anna's Futurustic Cha-Cha-Cha

Loved Anna's sparkling Barbarella Band-Aid outfit. She has the perfect body for this look — tight and contained instead of voluptuous, so it doesn't come off as too fleshy or vulgar. Edyta and her sexy curves could've possibly pushed this look too far, but Anna has more of the angular dancer's body and it worked well for this futuristic look. The makeup is perfect, too. We're with Tom, though, wondering why the future has so much hair gel.

Costume Misses

Chad & Cheryl's 1960s Jive

This is a lovably awful look, at least. Chad looks perfectly at home in this velvet suit with zebra stripes, and Cheryl is definitely waiting to hit the streetcorner in this tiny black 1960s go-go dress with veeeery high boots.

Cheryl’s witchy Tango

A costume can make or break a dance. See Nicole & Derek above. For Cheryl, her horribly distracting Halloween costume for the Tango did not at all help a dance that needed all the help it could get.

Niecy's bottom half

Nicole lucked out on the bottom half of the peachy (salmon?) top they both shared for their Ballroom dances Monday night. Niecy looks like she got half of the ostrich Erin wore the other week. Plus, those bizarre sashes on her wrists just accentuated her flailing hands during the Viennese Waltz. Not a good idea.

Niecy & Louis' 1990s Paso Doble

This takes the cake as the most unflattering Paso outfit since Kate's "Paparazzi" look. Sorry, Niecy & Louis, but these black and gold numbers probably caused the avalanche.

Erin & Maks' Rumba

We're not going to go so far as to say Maks looks bad, but that purple shirt and those high white pants are not flattering. Looks like Erin got the better part of the 1980s with her off-the-shoulder shirt and (Edyta) legwarmers.

05.12.2010 / 04:17 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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