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Dancing With The Stars

Losers’ Circle: Season 10, Week 8

Every week, someone on Dancing with the Stars has to stop feeding their skinny fellow dancers. This week, it was "Dinner Time."

Losers: Niecy Nash & Louis van Amstel

There are officially no jiggly parts left on Season 10. Chances are, the top four will starve without Niecy feeding them doughnuts. And by next Monday, we’ll be starving for her little quips.

As Brooke Burke reminded us, Niecy joined the DWTS family to prove something to the teacher who kicked her out of dance class in eighth grade. “I do feel like I’ve redeemed myself,” Niecy said. “I am a 40-year-old mother of three. I got three C-sections under my belt. I was able to survive in this competition this long against some fantastic people. With the fact that I cannot hula hoop with a Cheerio and I’ve been able to be one of the last women standing in this competition. I’ve had such a fantastic time being able to live out my dream right there. So I’m a happy girl.”

Tom Bergeron said he’s been a fan of hers since Reno 911! and he was used to and expecting the bombastic Niecy. But there were times she and Louis together were so elegant and he was amazed by that transformation. “Well, that’s his doing,“ Niecy said, turning to Louis, “and I thank you for molding this lump of clay into something. I have to thank everybody who’s supported us. … I have to thank my mother and my Mr. Wonderful for showing up every week.” She didn’t want her final dance to be a slow Viennese Waltz. She asked if the band could “crank” something so she could work it. And they did.

Niecy, you were the only one in the top five who came in with zero advantages. Chad Ochocinco is a professional athlete used to physical training. Erin Andrews is a former dance team cheerleader. Evan Lysacek is an Olympian, and a figure skater at that. Nicole Scherzinger does hip hop dancing on stage with the Pussycat Dolls. Go eat a box of doughnuts for all of us, Niecy, and know your positive attitude and humor will be missed.