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Ryan Murphy Calls for Boycott of Newsweek

Here's a boycott that might actually be pretty easy to accomplish, since Newsweek is basically going out of business anyway! Glee creator Ryan Murphy has taken the weekly magazine to task for printing, and then quietly standing behind, a recent op-ed article that questioned whether gay actors can play believable straight men.

The piece questioned whether openly gay Jonathan Groff was able to play Lea Michele's boyfriend on Glee. The writer, Ramin Setoodah, called Groff "too queeny," which despite the fact that Setoodah is openly gay himself, just seems like bigotry run amok. Glee guest star Kristin Chenoweth was the first person to comment on this piece, defending Groff (and Sean Hayes, who's mentioned) while standing up for the rights of gay actors and actresses everywhere.

Murphy followed suit:

"This article is as misguided as it is shocking and hurtful. It shocks me because Mr. Setoodeh is himself gay. But what is the most shocking of all is that Newsweek went ahead and published such a blatantly homophobic article in the first place… and has remained silent in the face of ongoing (and justified) criticism. Would the magazine have published an article where the author makes a thesis statement that minority actors should only be allowed and encouraged to play domestics? I think not.

Today, I have asked GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios to stand with me and others and ask for an immediate boycott of Newsweek magazine until an apology is issued to Sean Hayes and other brave out actors who were cruelly singled out in this damaging, needlessly cruel, and mind-blowingly bigoted piece. An apology should also be issued to all gay readers of the magazine…steelworkers, parents, accountants, doctors, etc…proud hardworking Americans who, if this article is to be believed, should only identify themselves as “queeny” people (a word used by Setoodeh in the article) who stand at the back of the bus and embrace an outdated decades old stereotype."
We couldn't agree with Murphy more. You probably weren't buying Newsweek anyway, but please don't bother even getting it for your parents!

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05.12.2010 / 10:46 PM EDT by Chris
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