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Dancing With The Stars

Top 10 Stars’ Quotes: Season 10, Week 8

If the men in white coats show up tonight to take Chad away, consider it for the best. He's gone barking mad — and if we give him another week at this, he might literally start barking. Let's see what Mr. Pimp Hands and his fellow stars had to say on the DWTS Week 8 double dance Era Night.

10. We’re next in line to jump on Maks

Brooke asked Erin how Maks helped her conquer her fears for their Argentine Tango. Erin said she didn’t have a choice. She used her Maks accent again. “It was like 'Come on, woman, jump on me now!'” Maks: “Usually it works.” Erin playfully swatted him. But we bet it does work.

9. Mr. Roboto

Evan does the cutest Wall-E impression! Why can’t he show that kind of humor on the dance floor? Instead, he was called "cold," even by his partner, Anna. For their Futuristic Cha-Cha-Cha, they decided to do some robotic androidy stuff. Evan, dryly: “I can do no emotion.” And again, “Maybe my hips will be better in the future.” Why can't he translate this wit into something with more oomph on the dance floor?

8. We all think of Edyta when we see legwarmers

Brooke asked Erin about her 1980s Rumba outfit. Erin: “It was my first time wearing legwarmers. I feel like I’m my inner Edyta and Niecy. I was so excited!” Somewhere, Edyta is either thrilled at the shoutout or quietly seething in territorial jealousy.

7. How much do the jiggly parts weigh?

Niecy gets up waaaaay too early — 4:30 a.m.?! — and has long workdays. (Why do people sign up for this with so much else going on?) During their Viennese Waltz rehearsal she was yawning at Louis, but she still had enough energy for some quips. When explaining a move, Louis said her head is the heaviest part of her body. Niecy: “I’ve got some parts of my body that are heavier than my head, trust.”

6. Don’t take her up on the offer, it’s not safe!

Nicole to Derek (who who would've preferred to just, you, know shut up and dance): "I would want anyone to say that this comes naturally to me and that I’m, like, a dancer to come into rehearsals with me. Because it’s, like, it’s not easy and I feel like everyone just thinks it's like 'Oh look it’s so easy, blah blah blah." To which Derek responded, "Should we do Paso?" Yes, Derek. Do Paso. Ignore the neurotic ball of perfection you've been tasked to babysit.

5. The top of a tree, do you mean … Erin?

Chad, preparing for his 1960s Jive: "I’m gonna float like a butterfly, I’m gonna sting like a bee. I’m gonna dance my ass off like I’m at the top of a tree.” Tom: “I have no idea what that meant.”

4. Why not?

Erin didn't like how she looked in this pose. Maks: "How do you want it to look?" Erin: “Not like I’m humping a fire hydrant.” We'll do it!

3. Chad’s every weirdo!

Cheryl was having trouble preparing for each new Chad she was meeting during their Tango rehearsals: "You’re sometimes quiet, then happy, then quiet, then sad, then mad. You’re like every personality in eight hours." Chad: "Every person that’s great at what they do is weird. ‘Cause if I was normal then I’d be like everybody else." Except Nicole!

2. Pimp hands etiquette

Cheryl was standing behind Chad moving her hands onto his chest in their 1960s Jive rehearsal. She said he should place her hands more softly. Chad: “You lay your pimp hands down, you gotta pimp hard. You don’t pimp soft…” Cheryl: “Whatever. OK. Sure. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” Chad: “I don’t either, but it sounds good.” If you say so...

1. Hands off the weave, van Amstel!

Niecy to Louis during their 1990s Paso Doble rehearsal: “Stop touching my weave. I told you about that! I told you about that! Black women don’t like their hair touched, now stop it!” And that was right after insisting she was having trouble channeling the intense passion of the Paso because she's an “easy breezy” girl. Right.

05.12.2010 / 12:55 AM EDT by Braxton
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