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Dancing With The Stars

Behind the Music: Week 8 Results Show

The Gipsy Kings are serious rock star royalty to the DWTS family, even if they keep spelling the band's name incorrectly. As Tony tweeted on May 8, "I am sitting next to the Gypsy Kings right now! they tolled me that they are fans of mine WOW I worship G K music :)" And Derek tweeted last night, "Gypsy kings holy crap amazing amazing amazing ... Legends .. And even better live ... Siiiiick!!"

The Gipsy Kings is actually a French music group from Arles and Montpellier, France. Although group members were born in France, their parents were mostly gitanos, Spanish Romani people who fled Catalonia during the 1930s Spanish Civil War. The group consists of two bands of brothers, the Reyes (which means "Kings" in Spanish) — Nicolas on lead vocals and guitar, plus Canut, Paul, Patchai and Andre — and the Baliardos — Tonino, Paco and Diego. In 1987 The Gipsy Kings' self-titled debut album introduced the world to "rumba Gitana" — the sound of South America’s rumba rhythm married to flamenco guitars — and with “Bamboleo” they scored a huge international hit. “Pasajero” is very much a product of the South of France’s cultural flux. The Gipsy Kings are that rare thing, a household name famous solely for their music; the most successful French musical outfit ever are big in Brazil and extremely popular in Persia, honoured at The Alamo in Texas and celebrated in China. Across “Pasajero’s” 14 tracks, raw flamenco, jazzy guitar, Latin rhythms, Cuban pop, even traces of reggae and Arabic music weave together. Trivia: The left-handed members of the group play guitars strung upside-down; this is usually as a result of the individuals' not having their own guitars when growing-up. Borrowing and playing a right-hander's the wrong way up was the only way to learn.

Song: "You've Got A Friend In Me" (“Para Buzz Español”), the iconic signature song for “Disney Pixar’s Toy Story” franchise and the upcoming Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3

Dancers: DWTS pros Tony Dovolani, Cheryl Burke, Dmitry Chaplin and Kym Johnson in a Paso Doble

Song: "Bamboleo”

Dancers: Guest pros
Bonus: Cheryl and Tony choreograph Buzz and Jessie's Paso Doble for Toy Story 3

05.13.2010 / 03:41 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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