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Dancing With The Stars

Top 10 Funniest Moments: Season 10, Week 8: Results

Dance Center returned to make fun of the top five contestants of DWTS Season 10. The best part of that was Jerry Rice looking a little too comfortable in that Sally Struthers wig. Let's take a look at what else was going on.

10. Nicole's night job

In the second Dance Center ad — after the bathroom skit with Tony Dovolani on Monday night — Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and Len Goodman left the ballroom while Nicole Scherzinger was busy cleaning the floor. Kenny: "Hey, Nicole. Don’t stay all night." Nicole, sounding sweeter than any moment in real life, "OK, thanks guys! Good night." Jerry: "Oh you missed a spot." Nicole: "Oh, thanks!" Our little Cinderella!

9. Purdue makes an impression

They only got a 22 for their Mambo, versus a 24 for UC San Diego's Samba, but Purdue University had the wildest fans (loved the guy in the gray shirt who seemed to think this was the Super Bowl) and they had Chris, who was Len's instant favorite for admitting his dance motivation. Len: “Chris, which one’s Chris? You started dancing for the same reason as I did: Girls!” Besides, Purdue doesn't have the newly discovered "Evan Lysacek Syndrome," which Carrie Ann Inaba diagnosed for personality-starved UC San Diego.

8. You don't exit with a slow dance

After a suitably funny and sweet goodbye speech, Niecy asked "Can they play something so we can get cranking here?" instead of having her last dance with Louis be their slow, classy Viennese Waltz. She did this on her terms the whole way. If only they had let her dance while eating a doughnut, it would've been perfect.

7. There's only one spot left — I mean three!

Man, oh man, Brooke. She's been awkward every week, but last night she flubbed it right at the end of the show. They had only announced Nicole & Derek as being safe for the semifinals next week and they were about to announce the next couple safe. But that's not how Brooke put it. "Brooke: "There is only one, sorry, three spaces left." Tom: "Let's scare them all why don't you." Brooke: "Let's scare them all tonight!" We heard a woman giggling in the background (Brooke? Carrie Ann?) before Tom announced the next safe couple. You know this is scary for the contestants, right? Do we have to replay Erin talking about how "gross" it is in the bottom two, then mock hurling?

6. Pay no attention to the Real Housewives

Any night when Gilles Marini is in the house is a night to remember. But it was pretty funny when Tom and Brooke made a point of singling out Gilles, Season 8 runner-up, in the audience while Dina Manzo, Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of NJ were sitting right behind him in plain view, getting no love. That's Danielle's payback!

5. Dance Center — Chad

Taking aim at Chad, Kenny said Ochocinco is said to have the softest lips in the world (cut to video clips of Chad applying lip balm) and he may get his own deal soon for Chad-stick. Kenny: "Chad Ochocinco probably is the best wide receiver ever to hit this dance floor..." Wide receiver and DWTS Season 2 runner-up Jerry Rice stopped him. "Wait a minute." He flashed his bling-covered hand. "Three Super Bowl rings.(cha-ching!) Ochocinco, zero." They talked about how Chad's net worth has been devalued since he gives "hundred thousand dollars" worth of jewelry to Cheryl every week. Kenny said it was generous of him to give Cheryl a ring when he doesn't have one himself. Jerry: "Yeah, I can't imagine what that feels like." Another ring flash. Cha-ching!

4. Dance Center — Nicole & Derek

Jerry said Nicole "can loosen up my buttons anytime," but they pointed out her disgusting habits with partner Derek Hough. They showed a clip of N&D spitting gum into each other’s mouths. They also have a weird habit of smelling each other’s armpits. Cut to a bizarre clip of N&D giggling over how their armpits smell like Fiji (?) and coconuts. Cut to the Dance Center guys sniffing themselves, then deciding to move on.

3. Dance Center — Derek & Mark

Kenny said Nicole is just the latest in a long list of beautiful girls Derek has been able to dance with — Shannon Elizabeth, Brooke Burke, Joanna Krupa ... Mark Ballas. They showed a slow-motion clip of Derek and Mark performing as The Ballas Hough Band on last year's Results Show. Kenny: "Jerry, look at the hip action." Jerry: "Wow, look at those hips move."

2. Dance Center — Erin & Maks

Not only does Erin Andrews have a mistaken belief that Maks is from Russia — he's from the Ukraine — she and Maks have too much conflict and childish bickering behind the scenes. Kenny said they had a tape of them looking like "two spoiled kids in a rant, sugar high mixed with not getting to go and get the pony ride." They showed an old black-and-white clip of two kids fighting. Kenny said that was the wrong clip and the real one is worse. Then they replayed a clip from Maks' tantrum earlier in the season.

1. Dance Center — Evan

The guys had a lot of fun skewering Evan "Mr. Excitement" Lysacek. They all seemed jealous of his "beautiful head of hair." Len: "It's so lush! It's full bodied! It's black as a raven's wing!" Kenny said the look is sweeping the nation. They showed clips of Justin Bieber, plus Barack Obama in a wig, then cut to the studio where Len was wearing some kind of dead rat on his head. The best part was Kenny talking about how "Evan is Mr. Excitement, he's just bursting with energy and enthusiasm." Cut to a clip of Evan talking in his monotone about something he was "excited" about, then cut back to all three guys having fallen asleep. Kenny nudged them awake. Len: "Is he finished?" Poor Evan! But it's true.

05.13.2010 / 12:26 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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