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Idina Menzel on Glee: Rachel’s Lesbian Lover?

We haven't seen Idina Menzel on Glee in a few weeks. In fact, the last time we did see her, she was creepily looking on as Jesse and Rachel kissed. So, what's the deal with her character? Expect some answers in tonight's episode, "Dream On."

Of course everyone assumed Idina would play Lea Michele's on-screen mother when the show announced she had been cast. Hello, they look exactly alike! And although Ryan Murphy has teased they will sing a "stripped-down mother/daughter version" of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," he hasn't fully confirmed or denied the persistent rumor. However, Idina has revealed one thing that won't be happening with her character: "Maybe I'm going to be Lea [Michele]'s lesbian lover. You never know! That would probably be really inappropriate because she's playing 16." Um, yes. Yes it would.
So cross lover off the list. But, for the millionth time, what about mother? Idina isn't saying, but she did allow that "there is much more to her [character] than has been revealed" so far. Hmm, could it be? Hopefully we'll find out tonight!

Source: E! Online

05.18.2010 / 11:47 PM EDT by Chris
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