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Dancing With The Stars

Costume Hits & Misses: Week 9, Performance

Two dances. Two looks. As usual, the Ballroom round of Dancing with the Stars was more classy and elegant than the Latin round which, for some reason, always heads straight for trashy. Speaking of, what was up with the dominatrix dress, Brooke?


Erin & Maks' Viennese Waltz

Matching visions in aquamarine! We thought Erin was wearing a dress, but those are actually pants. The better to Waltz with, we suppose. Either way, it was gorgeous.

Anna's Foxtrot dress

Anna should fight to keep this dress. The color, the shine, the fit. Stylish and classy. Can she buy it from costume designer Randall Christensen? He should probably just give it to her.

Nicole’s Prince homage

Never mind the pants. As a tribute to her friend, Prince, Nicole dressed like a hot chick version of the icon, complete with his mole. Then she sang along with "Kiss" as she Cha-Cha-Cha-ed, looking like she was having a ball. That's why they say a beautiful woman can look good even in a paper bag. It's the attitude that matters and for once Nicole had the right one.


Brooke the Dominatrix

Brooke’s girls were back and on full display in what looked like a tight dominatrix style corset. Her long, black goth contraption may have fit with the night's vampire theme, but the glamor was sucked right out of it.

Erin's Paso Doble

Erin looks like a tacky pro wrestler in this cape and thigh-high boots. Maks just about saves the look with his tight pants and, later, when he took his shirt off. Sorry, we're shallow.

"Spider-Man" meets "Twilight"

We know it was a vampire Paso Doble to Evanescence, but not only did Evan sort of eat Anna’s face at the end of the dance, they had to do it while wearing spidery witch costumes. Why does this show love the kind of stuff we wore on Halloween as kids?

05.19.2010 / 03:41 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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