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Dancing With The Stars

Trivia: Stuff You Need To Know for Week 9

Let's go behind-the-scenes for a couple of pieces of interesting intel from this week's semifinals.

NBA stars may dance — but with what pros?

The audience was packed with celebrities for the Semifinals, from DWTS Season 9 alumni Jake Pavelka and Kate Gosselin (looking nice and cozy) to Jake’s other lady, Vienna Girardi, and Season 9 mirror ball winner Donny Osmond. During the behind-the-scenes clips we heard from such bold-faced names as Terrell Owens for Team Chad, Scott Hamilton and the ubiquitous Vera Wang for Team Evan and P. Diddy for Team Nicole.

But back to the audience for a minute. Two non-DWTS celebs watching the show were retired NBA stars Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Rick Fox. Both men spoke with OK! and discussed whether they’d dance on the show. “I’ve watched the show occasionally,” Kareem said. “Why not? It’s intriguing. I’ve always enjoyed dance [but] I don’t know if they’ll ever find a dance partner tall enough.”

(He’s 7 foot 2 inches tall and Rick is 6 foot 7 inches.) Rick told OK! he’d jump at the chance to be on the show: “Yeah, sure I would! It would be an honor.” He said he’s already been asked to be on DWTS: “We’ve had meetings. It just hasn’t lined up [schedule wise]. Hopefully it works out one day. I’m a huge fan of the show. I root for the athletes because I like to see them go as far as they can because it’s out of their element.”

Love this idea! And who needs a tall dancer partner, anyway? Have Kareem dance with little Kym and Rick dance with Edyta and we’ll all drop from a hot attack.

Eliza vs. Vienna

Interesting development. In what's most likely a joke, but still a bit of a slap, actress Eliza Dushku tweeted a screen grab from last night's DWTS that catches Vienna giving Eliza's boyfriend Rick Fox the sexy side eye. Dushku tweeted a message with the pic: "Vienna, I will CUT you. Keep yo' eyes on yo' own meat!" Seriously, Jake and Gia Allemand are the only people who seem to like our Sausage girl. Kate should sit near her all the time to keep the pressure off.

Derek's "real" neck injury

In last night's video package, Derek said his neck has been bothering him for a while and it really took its toll on his body. But he was well enough to dance a perfect Argentine Tango with Nicole, so we're not qualifying this as a "real" neck injury.

However, Derek did have a "real" neck injury back in April 2008 during Season 6, his second season on DWTS. For a Results Show, Derek, his sister Julianne and BFF Mark Ballas were supposed to perform a contemporary routine together during Kylie Minogue's performance of "Can't Get You Out of My Head." But during rehearsals earlier that day, Derek injured his neck and immediately had to stop. "(W)e have a move where our arms kind of come down and we throw the head back. As he threw his head back he cracked his neck," Mark Ballas said.

Derek was taken to the hospital on a stretcher for tests and observation. "Luckily, there was no disk damage, no spine damage and no bone damage," Mark said. Derek was released after doctors found that he had only strained his neck. He didn't dance for that night's Results Show, but he returned for the next performance show where he danced with then partner (and girlfriend) Shannon Elizabeth.

05.19.2010 / 04:44 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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