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SideReel’s 10 Favorite (Dumb) Things Brittany Says on Glee, from “Cool Epilepsy” To “Gay Sharks”

We're digging's list of their 10 favorite (read: dumbest) Brittany quotes. Check them out! And yes, Brittany, if we were your cat, we'd be reading your diary too.

A couple weeks ago, I counted down my top 10 favorite Glee songs so far (though looking back, I'd have to update it to include Finn's rendition of my all-time favorite karaoke jam, "Jesse's Girl"). It was a hard decision, and all you SideReelers made sure to remind me of some other good ones I left out! Now, in honor of tonight's 4th-to-last episode of the 1st season, I'm back with another Glee-ful top 10 list! This time, I'm paying homage to one of the most underrated characters on the show, Brittany. Prior to getting a character "upgrade" along with her partner in crime Santana, her lines had always been few and far between, but when she does open her mouth, her one-liners are always comedy gold. And sure, Glee has plenty of quotable lines, due to the countless ways "Sue C's It" & Rachel's endless neuroses (I'm like Tinkerbell, Finn. I need applause to live), there's just something about our favorite dumb blonde that makes her just a little more "special" than the rest. So, without further ado, in no particular order ('cause that would require a whole lot more eenie-meenie-miney-moing), here are my favorite 10 Brittany quotes... so far, that is!

1. Will: Does anyone know what a ballad is? // Brittany: A male duck. -Episode 10, "Ballad"

2. Brittany: So, Hairography. It works best when you pretend like you're getting tasered. It's like cool epilepsy. -Episode 11, "Hairography"

3. Brittany: She's the one they made me talk to when they found out I was keeping that bird in my locker..." -Episode 13, "Sectionals"

4. Brittany: I'm pretty sure my cat's been reading my diary. -Episode 16, "Home"

5. Brittany: When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist. -Episode 15, "The Power of Madonna"

6. Kurt: What do boys taste like? // Brittany: Usually dip... sometimes it tastes like burgers. Or my armpits -- kissing my armpits is a really big turn on for me.Episode 18, "Laryngitis" -

7. Brittany: Sometimes I add a teaspoon of sand. -Episode 16, "Home"

8. Santana: Look, I'm pretty sure you have to do what we say, and this food was not satisfactory. // Brittany: There was a mouse in mine. -Episode 14, "Hell-O"

9. Brittany: So you're pretty much the only guy in this school that I haven't made out with, because I thought you were capital G Gay, but now that you're not, having a perfect record would mean a lot to me. So, let me know if you want to tap this. -Episode 18, "Laryngitis"

10. Brittany: Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks? -Episode 14, "Hell-O"


05.26.2010 / 04:44 AM EDT by Tatum
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