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Dancing With The Stars

Erin Andrews Ripped Again

What is it with females taking Erin Andrews to task for her Dancing with the Stars wardrobe? First it was Elisabeth Hasslebeck and now Daily News columnist Joanna Molloy! It's over gals; leave Erin alone!

Molloy used her column to write off Erin as nothing but a sideline reporter who got her job because of her looks. Further, she rips Erin for perpetuating her good looks. "She was voted America's Sexiest Sportscaster - twice - by Playboy, and accepted the kudos. She's posed for racy photo shoots in Sports Illustrated and GQ. She has sought celebrity. But when the peephole perv story broke and the paparazzi transformed her from storyteller to The Story, she called 911 and yelled to the operator, 'I'm being treated like f---ing Britney Spears!' (Ironically, she employs Spears' stylist Paige Geran to dress her for her ESPN gigs.)"
Ouch! So let's get this straight. Because Erin Andrews is an attractive woman in a high profile position, she should dress down and hide her looks. Because why again? Huh. If we were Joanna Molloy, we would be on the look out for a call from Maks...
Source: USA Today

05.28.2010 / 10:32 PM EDT by Chris
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