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Dancing With The Stars

Niecy Nash on Nicole: She was a Pro!

And now the claws come out. Just a few days after Nicole Scherzinger was crowned Dancing with the Stars Queen, one of her fellow contestants is questioning the validity of her win. Isn't that right, Niecy Nash?

The outspoken comedienne and Insider correspondant told People that she likes to see DWTS champions who made progress. "Nicole today is who she was when she got here — she was a great dancer and she still is ... There were moments you couldn’t tell her from the pro dancers." Well, okay, but doesn't that mean she was the best?
"Dancing With the Stars is something that resonates with me when the contestants have a journey. I was such a big fan of Kelly Osbourne last year because she had the most transformation. I cheer for the people who have evolved. To me, that’s what the competition should be."

One person who doesn't agree with this assessment is Edyta Sliwinska: "Nicole was the best dancer from day one,” Sliwinska says. “She was obviously on a different level than everyone else, but her choreography was more difficult, too. She absolutely deserved to win.”
Source: People

05.28.2010 / 10:03 PM EDT by Chris
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